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Thread: January Blitz - Day 1

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    Default January Blitz - Day 1

    As promised (or threatened) I will give a daily account of myself over the next month. Today will be more about my plans and thought patterns as it is only 7.30 am and I haven't yet received today's mail.

    First of all Happy New Year to everyone.

    I have just weighed myself and although not surprised I am ashamed to be 4 kilos above my 'happy to be' weight and 7 kilos above my 'have been' weight. Ok, not much in the grand scheme of things but a lot for me and all due to not following the rules during the past 2 months. It shows how quickly I could keep going up and up. My clothes feel uncomfortable and I hate that feeling.

    So here goes. 3 Lessons to remember.
    The reason one should not eat (snack) between our 3 good meals is so the body has a chance to raid the fat stores for its energy.

    Drink plenty of water, the body needs it and will let go of stored water when it knows it won't be deprived.

    Do not mix carbs with fat or else the body will use the carbs for energy and just store the fat.

    My start weight is 63.9 kilos - 140lbs - 10 stone! I haven't been this heavy for a good while now and need to see the kilos start with a 5, the pounds start with 12 and the stones to start with a 9 (that's the easiest one! )

    My incentive is my trip to Florida to visit with Peggy (Peapod) in 6 weeks time. A little bit of sister rivalry never harmed anyone!

    Have a good day everyone and a fantastically healthy year!

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    Happy New Year Priscilla

    You're out of the starting blocks and on your way, well done. I am starting tomorrow, getting organised today and reading through my pack, can't wait.
    Will be visiting your thread regularly as we go through the 30 days, Good Luck!

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    Thanks for those simple yet vital lessons. It is easy to get bogged down with the science sometimes and that puts it nicely in a nutshell.

    Any room in that Florida bound suitcase for a little'un?
    The secret of getting ahead is getting started

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    Happy New Year everyone and thanks, Priscilla, for starting the daily thread.
    Hope you all enjoy the emails that will be coming out to you.
    Very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014
    Andy & Zoe
    The truth is deafening, no matter how quietly spoken.

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    Very well put Priscilla, and a great start to this thread! Good luck to you - I'm sure you'll have great results.

    Best wishes to everyone starting out on this - I am joining in too. I wasn't sure whether I needed to buy the pack, but I have done, and am really impressed with what's included! It was drilled into me at school never to write in a book, so I'm going to overcome that, in order to use the brilliant journal!

    My aim is get fit for ski-ing in the last week of January; strengthening work on my legs, and to lose 1/2 a stone or so. Am still toying with whether I want to weigh at all, as I had pledged Bestie that I'd have a go at giving that malarkey up! I can take measurements, and my ski clothes will let me know how I've got on!

    I've also joined in a local challenge to have a 'dry' (*) January - at least until we go ski-ing. I know this ought to make a big difference, as I had slipped into the habit of having 2-3 ciders, or a glass of wine, most weekday evenings, and more at the weekends - not good!
    (*) 'dry', as in no alcohol - unfortunately I have no control over the weather

    A happy and healthy 2014 to everyone!
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    Hello, I'm new and can't wait to get started this month. Seems like a very open and friendly online community

    I'm around 67kg and 10st8 and my ultimate aim is to have the stone number be 9. (A good way of looking at it Priscilla!) This extra half a stone or so makes a big difference!

    I'm going to try and visit the forums regularly to keep me on track. Instead of boredom eating I will come on here first. Looking forward to the journey and support over next 30 days.

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    Oh also my avatar is a picture of me when I was around. 60kg with a good BMI of 20-21 which I believe is a happy weight for me so that's my incentive

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    Good luck everyone who is starting the blitz today. And welcome to the forums Emma - look forward to seeing your progress.

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    Thank you for starting this thread Priscilla. When I started Harcombe late last June, your daily emails were a lifeline. I'm planning to continue this journey in 2014, with the expectation that I will drop out of the obese range very soon, and will get to my goal by early fall. I have enjoyed steady progress since I started, with the exception of the last four weeks - when I added 4 lbs. Back to a strict no mixing phase 1 for me for the next 7 days, then onwards ans downwards in phase 2. Happy New Year to every one here. Come on the journey with me. Best wishes for your healthiest year ever.

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    Thanks for starting the ball rolling Priscilla! I'm feeling very positive - I'm sure we all are by now I start the blitz officially tomorrow but got weighed and measured this morning. Normally I'd be very happy to say that I've broken through a stone barrier, but unfortunately it was upwards and not downwards, so I need this now more than ever. I know exactly what I should be doing and why I've gone wrong - I've been cheating too much and then indulged in the "sod it" attitude.

    Fridge and cupboards now stocked with THD goodies and veg soup bubbling on the hob ready for the next few lunchtimes - bring it on, I need this!!


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