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Thread: January Blitz - Day 1

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    I started with phase 1 yesterday but will count my 30 days from when I get the workbook in the post. I turn 50 in five weeks time and would like to see a 9 instead of a 10 too. I know that it's more about learning from my recent mistakes than the number on the scales so I won't weigh in during the 30 days, as the weight loss will be a bonus on top of the birthday present of being healthy and in control.

    Best of luck everyone x

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    I started on Dec 29th so this is Day 4 for me and going well with nothing consumed 'off plan'!

    I've signed up to take part in Dryathlon & raise money for cancer research uk which is no alcohol in January but again I started my teetotal phase on Sunday - so I had a dry NY Eve Hoping to stay tyeetotal for more than January as I know it's a weakness of mine - a glass of wine & then my willpower goes!

    Going away tomorrow to stay with friends in Hereford and then on Sunday onto friends in Somerset till next Friday. It's going to be hard as I won't be in control of my food but am taking my Flahavans porridge with me, almond milk, peppermint tea, decaff coffee and olive oil spray for dressings.

    I can do this


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    Hi I am back on the forum after going solo for almost a year. I've done pretty well but I need some momentum to carry me into 2014. I'm starting tomorrow but giving up the booze today and organising my lists and meal plans. I've also decided to avoid weighing myself...I have such a bad history with "diets" that I find it really hard to manage my expectations about the numbers on the scales. Like you Jill4488, I'm going to let health and a sense of control be my rewards! Good luck everyone, I'm really looking forward to hearing how we are all getting on over the 30 days....bring it on! xx

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    So happy to be starting today. I couldn't weight myself yet, as OH is home and hogging the TV. (I weight myself with my Wii. I find it more consistent than a digital scale) He has a cold and work is closed, so..... if he falls asleep for a nap, awesome - I'll weigh in. If not, I'm doing measurements tomorrow.

    I've changed the image on my phone to one of a pregnant woman power walking and my new husband and I on our wedding day. I think it'll help me from sneaking in unhealthy foods. We want to be pregnant, but I need to lose 10 pounds first. Here's to motivation!!

    I also started a journal on my phone (it's easier on my phone, I always have it...) to log my foods and times I eat. This way, later on down the road, if I find my weight loss stalling I can come a revisit a day or week that really worked for me.

    Good luck everyone!! Here's to a slimmer, healthier, more energized 2014!

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    Happy New Year everyone, I'm starting tomorrow and also "going dry" for January - frankly after last night's champagne binge-fest I couldnt feel less like drinking anyway so that's a help! Just waiting to activate my purchase so I can get the emails but regardless of that I'm off and running from tomorrow! Good luck to everyone.

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    Thanks, Priscilla, for starting this thread. I really liked your opening post! Today is Day 1 for me even though my 30 Day Blitz emails won't start until tomorrow. Yes, the sibling rivalry has begun! Can't wait to see you on US soil after so many decades. Bikinis in February...yikes! My biggest challenges will be to not have any red wine, to not snack between meals, and to go easy on the dairy - preferably just cut it out. My weight this morning was 135lbs which is 2 pounds up from where it's been hovering for most of December. Would LOVE to see my weight begin with a 12 and not a 13. Can't remember the last time I saw that. It's so close, yet so hard to acheive. The "muffin top" has to go too, as it's so uncomfortable when I sit down. That's the trouble with you and me, we're skinny everywhere else where we could use more fat, but it all gets lumped together around our middles. I think that 7 pounds of belly fat is worse than 7 pounds of evenly-spread-out fat! Another thing I need to stay mindful of is eating when OH pushes my buttons. I must find other ways of calming down!
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    Thanks for starting the thread, I start tomorrow, I've weighed today and am exactly where I was when I started THD last time, here's hoping the 30 day blitz gets me back on track to where I was before. I'm looking forward to feeling good about myself again! Good luck everyone!

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    Thumbs up New Year New Start

    I too am starting tomorrow with my DD finally on board too! I have done THD myself last year since joining online last summer, but just need to get back into 'clean eating' after succumbing to a bit of comfort eating and the usual excesses of the Christmas season. Kitchen cleared of seasonal cr*p - full of THD friendly stuff! Get weighed tomorrow!

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    I Shall be joining the blitz as well as already said weighed myself this morning I was 12st 4lbs 14 lbs heavier than I was at the Birmingham Christmas do.Its got to come of .
    I started again today on my own ultra low cab plan of around 30grams of carbs or no carbs.

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    I am also starting tomorrow! My Blitz pack arrived yesterday but still had to have one more day of my usual culprits. Love the DVD in the Blitz pack where it says 'Ask yourself now what is the thing you really don't want to give up because that is almost certainly the thing to which you're intolerant'. I can't deny my food addictions/intolerances any longer as these were the foods I stopped off for on my way home this afternoon (i.e. to have 'one last' one of), namely: a cappuccino, some cheese, a fruit/sweetened yoghurt and chocolate. I narrowly avoided also buying a packet of twiglets and a loaf of bread, so I think I can safely say Phase 1 for me means absolutely NO caffeine, dairy, wheat or sugar in any shape or form! I recognised these problem foods 15 years ago. Unbelievable I've clung onto them for so long.....


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