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Thread: January Blitz - Day 2

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    Default January Blitz - Day 2

    Good morning everyone -

    Yesterday went according to plan

    Breakfast -NLY
    Lunch - lamb, salad
    Dinner - homemade chicken stew

    I didn't snack at all and drank water instead. I was rewarded with a 900gm loss which I realise will be water retention. I am one of those who like to weigh often, it motivates me. If I see an increase it tells me to look at what I ate and see if I should cut something out which I might have an intolerance to. I am also aware of daily fluctuations so I don't worry on a daily basis, I take the larger picture and compare weekly weights.

    I feel better already, it's incredible how one clean day can already make such a difference. I went out for a walk yesterday which was cut short due to rain. That will be my biggest challenge is walking during the month of January. I am such a wimp, I hate going out in the cold. At least it is reasonable mild at the moment for the time of year.

    I go back to work tomorrow so will use today to run some errands, cook up a batch of bolognaise sauce and generally tidy up.

    How is everyone else getting on? I realise this is day 1 for many and others won't start till Monday but wherever you are on your journey, have a good one!

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    Fabulous start Priscilla, very well done.

    I was planning to start yesterday but went to lunch with my daughter in law's parents - or my son's in laws, however you look at it! Was a delightful gathering but NOT THD friendly! However the portions were pretty small so all in all it wasn't too harmful and I managed not to snack at all between meals which is absolutely paramount for me if I want to lose weight. Cleaner day today - with gallons of water - 32 degrees today, 37 tomorrow and 39 on Saturday...

    Your biggest challenge is walking in the rain - I'm very challenged by walking in that heat! Have to have our walk by 6am tomorrow I think.

    Have a good day today Priscilla and all you Blitz'ers


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    Finished an absolutely clean day 1 and was pleased to see a 2.4 lb drop over the past couple of days. At this rate, the festivity weight gain will be gone before the end of the week. It's been a bit tough to get motivated to get out to walk the dogs - it is -29C this morning, and we've had snow overnight that is still underlaid with ice from a storm last week. Since "Clumsy" is my middle name, DH has gone out with the dogs, and he has encouraged me to stay inside to prevent the usual slip and fall. I'll get my natural movement in today by an indoor mall walk and a swim at the Y after work.

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    Wow, what a variation in temperature we've got between us!! Up here in the rainy north west of Engalnd we seem to have got off quite lightly from the awful weather thats battered the rest of the country. Its quite mild and today its bright and sunny. I like walking but I have to admit that I see no point in deliberately getting soaked if I can avoid it.

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    Happy New Year ALL - I am starting my Blitz today - Yesterday I was still up celebrating the New Year till 04:45

    B - I missed breakfast today - not on purpose - had my little granddaughter round and hand full is polite term.
    L - Largish salad with 3x Slices Butchers Ox Tongue + Slice Butchers Ham
    D - TBD

    Supplements -
    100mg Niacin
    500mg Busy B with C
    250mg Magnesium
    1000mg l-arginine
    ABC plus Multi Vit
    Body won't know whats hit it

    I have also done my starting stats which I am afraid don't look very nice I will post them in a table on day 30 - Spot the difference

    I am so horrible to myself still don't know why?

    Thanks Priscilla for starting the ball rolling each day.


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    So far so good! I'm easing myself in as my pack hasn't arrived yet. Managed a good walk today as tomorrow may well be pretty wild with lots of rain and wind predicted! Kids are still off school so will try and get the Wii out ....they can have a good laugh at mum attempting down hill skiing!!! Well done everyone - indeed onwards and downwards xxx

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    Well done everyone, I am definitely gaining huge motivation from your posts,my phase 1 begins on Monday 6th. Cheers to us all becoming a 'bunch of losers!'

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    I started my P2 clean eating with no dairy on Sunday Dec 29th as I couldn't wait to get back to just eating real food.

    TBH I hadn't eaten that badly over Xmas but had consumed too much alcohol, Christmas pud and nibbles of chocolate and homemade rum truffles!
    So this is Day 5 for me and so far I'm doing well. Am away from today, staying with friends for a week but they are fine with meeting my no carb requirements! Had a sneaky weigh in this morning as I won't be able to werigh in again until next Friday when we get home and I've already lost 3.5lbs
    Going to a pub for supper on Sunday but have been there before and I know they do lovely steaks so will swap my chips for salad. Am doing Dryathlon for January (& probably beyond) so no worries about wine!

    Feeling very positive and motivated - long may it last.



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    Loving all the positivity on here!! It's such a great feeling to be motivated

    Today was day 1 for me and food was spot on. I haven't received my Day 1 email yet (I think I signed up a bit late) but I didn't want another excuse to delay starting!

    B Decaf green tea
    L Home made veg soup
    D Steak with fried onions and mushrooms and mash made from carrot and swede

    Reading Andrew's post has reminded me that I must also take my supplements as they have gone by the wayside of late and the only other thing I must do is take some meat in to work to supplement my soup as I was absolutely famished by the time I got home today! I felt very virtuous for not cheating as there were chocolates being passed round the office - if there was a smiley with a halo I would insert it just here!

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    Well done, Priscilla and everyone else too. It's good to see how everyone else is getting on. It's -18C here (0F) and lots of snow on it's way to add to all the stuff on the ground already. (I'm in Massachusetts, northeast USA). My activity today was shoveling snow! Day 2 for me has gone so well that I have been suffering with a crippling headache, brain fog, muscle fatigue, eye sensitivity and generally feeling like crawling into bed ever since early this afternoon. It's now 10pm on Thursday Jan 2nd and I am in bed, having just taken a headache pill (which, as it was going down the hatch, I realized contained caffeine as one of the ingredients!) I think going cold turkey on no caffeine, no alcohol, no dairy (other than a small single serving of goat's milk full fat yogurt) has been a shock to my system since I've been consuming all of the above regularly. I felt so bad around 5pm that I lay down and fell asleep for a full hour - a miracle for me as I tend to have trouble falling asleep at the best of times. Breakfast was tuna with mayo on a bed of lettuce with onions. Lunch was homemade bone-veg stock with added green beans and sauerkraut, and dinner was a tiny portion of an enormous ribeye steak with salad and mixed steamed vegs (lots for leftovers - we went to a steak restaurant) and that goat's yogurt was a post-shoveling snack. Decaf black coffee with bf. Plus lots of water! Looking forward to a full night's sleep and hopefully the detoxing will be over by morning!!!

    Oh, I should mention that I was down a full pound this morning after a successful day 1.
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