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Thread: January Blitz - Day 2

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    I think there's a very important message here. Studies show that the 'lurkers' on a forum benefit just as much as the active participants and contributors BUT it is very easy for the active participants and contributors to feel ignored or abused because of a lack of immediate or indeed, any, feedback. Peapod, as usual, has expressed it beautifully, and I would like to confirm that I value and enjoy all your posts Runtara xx

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    Runtara, I am a newbie so don't "know" you so didn't feel qualified to comment on your invisible post.

    Tbh your cracker post made me grin. I had visions of you thinking at last there was something useful in a cracker only to discover the cracker contents were as rubbish as always!

    I wish there was a "thank" button on here as I have read lots of useful posts and just want to say thank you but don't wish to clog up the board by doing so.

    Sorry you are feeling under the weather.
    It is horrible to feel insignificant, I do know. I feel it lots and it's a dark place to be. Thankfully, at the moment I am feeling positive so I'm sending you lots of virtual hugs.

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    Sorry Runtara. I am more of a lurker than a poster. Feeling under the weather and trying to garner strength from everyone elses. Your post of the cracker made me giggle too. I also ahd visions of you thinking aah, a useful cracker pressie. I got one too, and put it in the drawer. Would love to ahve seen your face when it didn't fit!

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    Thanks for your thoughts Lindam & Redthing, and mumtheshopper - much appreciated!

    I just seem to be in limbo in so many areas of my life. No matter where I try to look for something positive... there isn't!
    I'm not normally like this, and am known to give good advice to others; so maybe I ought to just wait until the next good thing comes along, as invariably it will!

    ... yep, when will a cracker pressie be useful?!

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    This is why we would like to have a "like" button on the individual posts but I understand that is not possible. I also giggled at the thought of the stingy tape measure but what a great idea to keep it until it does go round your waist!
    I love reading your posts but don't have the time to comment on all the threads. If you just look at the numbers of viewers as compared to contributors, you'll understand.
    Hope you feel better tomorrow. Winter weather, storms, rain, grey can make the best of us feel a bit down.

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    I think a like button would be great. I don't always comment but I read and I find some people's posts to be really uplifting. My family always think it's me who has put things away somewhere so they can't find it. They're probably right but I'd never tell them that. Ha ha xx

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    Oooh yes a like button is a good idea. I'm guilty of lurking! Tape measure comment made me chuckle - it's funny the things that give us our motivation. Can you stick the tape measure to you fridge?

    Day 2 over for me. Felt quite flu ish. Severe sugar overload at Christmas. Really excited to feel back in control.

    Have a good day tomorrow everyone.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peapod View Post
    Hi Welham07, I can see how you got that impression about small portion sizes from reading this particular thread (and I too raised my eyebrows at the green tea for bf, followed by soup for lunch!)
    I know I'm the guilty one of rarely having breakfast and I don't want to put anyone off eating 3 proper meals a day. For me, I can't face breakfast, I really can't, and not having it doesn't make me snack in the morning. I checked it out with Zoe once some time ago, and she said that if I didn't feel like eating it then it was OK (phew!!) As for the soup for lunch, it was a mistake - I think I put that somewhere on here. The lack of protein and fat made it just not filling enough and I was starving by dinner time (but I didn't snack!!) I remedied that the next day by having some meat as well as the soup (but I still didn't have breakfast!!) We're all different and the longer you do THD the better you know your own body

    Quote Originally Posted by Peapod View Post
    You'd be surprised how many people read and appreciate posts which never go acknowleged, and which have even served to change people's view of the world. Just try to develop faith that your messages are being received and know that there are hundreds if not thousands of eyes on this forum. The sheer volume of material makes it impossible to comment on everything and many folks have felt overlooked, I'm sure. I know I have! Keep posting, Runtara. You've been so active and supportive on here.
    That was really well put Peapod. I know that "invisible" feeling too - I'm sure we all must if we're honest. I read far more posts than I comment on and more often than not it's due to time constraints. However, I feel I need to get on the forum as often as I can in order to keep my motivation up, so I will read even if there's no time to comment. Not only that, I think some of us sometimes feel we've nothing worthwhile to say so we won't comment - on a bad day I certainly can feel like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jill4488 View Post
    I think a like button would be great. I don't always comment but I read and I find some people's posts to be really uplifting. My family always think it's me who has put things away somewhere so they can't find it. They're probably right but I'd never tell them that. Ha ha xx
    Wouldn't a "like" button be just great!! I've often thought that too!!


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