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Thread: January Blitz - Day 4

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    Sorry to hear about your family crises I can empathise as my 93year old FL has just returned home after spending a month in hospital with a brain infection. He is very frail and has now hot a hospital bed and hoist at home + 2 carers coming in 4x a day to help 88 year old MI look after him. My 85 year old mum was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in January so we know there are very tough times ahead. Try to stay strong and be there for your loved ones.

    Day 7 for me, doing well survived two dinner parties, managed to eat all THD foods, no wine, no dessert and no cheese! :-)
    Moving on to stay with friends in Somerset tomorrow until Friday & am determined to stay on track :-)


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    Andrew, so sorry to hear about the shock of finding out your FIL has a brain tumor! Don't stress about the THD transgression, you know that you'll get back on track. But do try to take care of yourself as it will help you through this difficult time.

    Runtara, sorry you're still feeling so poorly. Headache medicine isn't addicting, so please don't suffer needlessly. Hope the drinks & snacks event wasn't too challenging. It's so much harder when temptation is put in front of us!

    Emma23, your porridge with egg white and 0% yogurt sounds ingenious. Very creative!

    Ruthie, well done!!!

    Today is the end of day 4 for me (Saturday) and I did well but wasn't a perfect angel. I allowed myself to eat the fruit on the bottom of a small tub of full fat goat milk yogurt (7g sugar) which I usually leave and throw away. Other than that, I was tempted to reach for a glass of red wine after a minor row with OH (and I had just opened a new bottle to serve him at dinner - one of the rare times we ate at home) but I used all my willpower to just not allow it. But boy, those urges are strong!! How easy it would be to ease my foul mood. How hard to remain with the mood and deal with it in other ways. I just knew that the alcohol would only "work" for a moment and then I'd be left with feeling terrible for having succumbed and after going through my headache ordeal I didn't want to have to repeat that again! It's still too clear in my mind. I missed breakfast as we had to help someone unfreeze a water pipe this morning. Lunch was scallops on a bed of lettuce with some lovely beets. I used olive oil as the dressing. Dinner was a homemade grass-fed beef stew. It was very delicious but took me hours to make as I realized I'd done it all wrong and had to do some major damage control. A book I have, called "The Science Of Good Cooking" explained what makes the flavors in beef stew really come out and armed with that knowledge I was able to turn a watery disaster into a rich and satisfying stew. Getting the expensive stew meat was a good move since the meat ended up so tender and juicy and flavorful in spite of all the abuse I put it through! We have plenty left over which will come in handy during this very cold spell.
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    Peggy, you will have to share the knowledge about making a beef stew tasty. I don't make it often due to the fact I can't make it rich enough.
    Well done not having the wine. I hope the issue is now resolved and that peace reigns at home. About to start the thread for today......

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    end of Day 4 for me today, I've had some pretty strong cravings but have managed to stave most of them off, difficult day on day 2, and ate some home made xmas cake, then got annoyed with myself for giving in. I keep trying to remember how good I felt when I'd lost all the weight before, and this is helping as since then I've been okay , I'm 4lb down and I'm feeling more in control so hopefully it can continue!

    Hope everyone else doing okay



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