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Thread: January Blitz - Day 4

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    Default January Blitz - Day 4

    Good morning and I hope all of you with die off symptoms are starting to feel better now.
    I kept on track yesterday except for some pre-dinner snacking. It was all THD friendly but I know I was eating it for the wrong reasons.

    Breakfast - NLY
    Lunch - Carrot bolognaise (bolognaise sauce with pan fried carrot strips)
    Snack - boiled egg with homemade mayo and cup of red pepper soup
    Dinner - omelette, bacon and salad

    I tried the recipe from yesterday's Blitz email (the above dinner) and it was really nice and filling.

    Have a super Saturday everyone and let me know how you have got on!

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    Not a good day yesterday - I don't like to be negative and would rather not post negativity BUT alas we had a call from my Mother Outlaw saying Father Outlaw had been whipped into hospital. So we spent the day in Nottingham QMC - Seems he has a Brain Tumour we will find out more today.

    In the face of adversity and all things being equal in this world my Blitz suffered a bit but paled into insignificance to the situation.

    B Scrambled Egg + Proscuto Ham (No Nasties)
    L Steak and Salad (Had to watch the dressing - Slug n Lettuce) Sparkling Water
    D Chinese on way home 21:30 - Plain Salted Chilli Ribs - Red Thai Curry - Pork Ginger and Spring Onions - washed down with 2 pints of larger

    Onwards and upwards - going to see my Mum today in her nursing home 69 and her brain has gone too. Makes you think all these Brain issues

    Have a good day all,

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    So sorry Andrew, hope things turn out to be fixable for father outlaw, my mum had brain tumour it really freaked me out think the brain is the thing we take for granted more than anything x
    Sending positive thoughts your way

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    Andrew as you say you must put things into perspective. Hope all works out with your FIL. Once our parents' health start to falter it is up to us to do our best by them, as our children will(hopefully) do for us. It is the circle of life. Tell Donna I'm thinking of her and I am sending good vibes across the channel.

    Don't worry about the beer and Chinese food. Just try to focus and stay on track as best you can given the circumstances. Big hugs.

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    Hi All - Andrew, so sorry to hear about your family health problems - all things considered I think you did amazingly well - as you say onwards and upwards!

    Doing OK but still feel like I am making preparations - I can really kick start the full 30 day blitz on Monday when normality returns...that said I am determined NOT to use these post xmas days as opportunities to cram my face full of nasties. Going to look into setting up some sort of graph today...I'm not keen on weighing but maybe I could use measurements instead???

    Happy Saturday everyone! xxx
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    Hi All, Day 3 for me, but trying to keep up with your thread Priscilla!

    Firstly, Andrew, so sorry you had such an awful day with your family's health issues. I think you did really well, all things considered, and hope you get some good news soon about your FIL.

    I didn't post yesterday as there was just no time - work all day and then dinner with friends in the evening. So I shall post a double menu here. Please, anyone who is worried about portion sizes, etc., don't take my menu as an ideal one - I don't have breakfast simply because I never (well, hardly ever) feel hungry in the morning and I've been skipping it for so many years that I simply don't miss it, but that's just me

    B - none apart from green tea (decaf)
    L - Home made veg soup with large slice of gammon and 2 sausages (with no nasties)
    D - Garlic prawns, salmon with mushroom cream sauce, decaf black coffee (as we were being treated by friends I did the best I could - the cream in the sauce wasn't ideal but there was very little of it and I did refuse bread and pud and wine - my halo was veritably shining by the end of the evening!!)

    B - you've guessed it!
    L - 3 fried eggs and a whole packet of streaky bacon
    D - roast chicken, sausages, gravy, swede and carrot mash, peas

    Still feeling very motivated despite having had a headache since yesterday - this just shows how much I needed to detox!

    Have a lovely, Harcombe friendly weekend everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue View Post
    Firstly, Andrew, so sorry you had such an awful day with your family's health issues. I think you did really well, all things considered, and hope you get some good news soon about your FIL.
    +1 to that Andrew - these times are difficult, and can throw us off track, and as you say make you question the significance of what we are doing on a day to day basis.

    However, as Harmonious mentioned on a different thread, it makes it all the more important at times like this to keep on track so that your physical health is not compromised. I have similar concerns about my parents, which came to the fore just before Christmas.

    I often miss breakfast, especially at weekends, because I just forget to eat, and since starting THD have no hunger pangs to remind me. I've long held the view that if this is the case, then there is no point in forcing food down just to tick a box! I listen to my body and try to follow healthy guidelines.

    I am still fighting a really nasty throat/cough/cold, accompanied by horrible headaches. Am trying not to resort to painkillers too much as I have a sneaky suspicion that I might becoming addicted to them.... they always clear the headaches almost immediately. I think some of the grotty feeling might be P1 unhappiness too, so am trying to see it though.

    B: missed the boat!
    L: NLY with berries (I know it's not much at all, but being unwell, I really don't want that much to eat!)
    D: Lamb stew currently in the slow cooker; made with defrosted leg of lamb leftover, carrots, celery and onions. Will serve with cavalo nero cabbage, and possibly mashed celeriac.

    We've been invited to 'drinks & snack' @ 4:30pm-8:30pm today. I've already told them I'm having a 'dry' January, so can avoid drinking alcohol & will just have to snack on THD friendly foods (to be sociable!). If they aren't in evidence, I know I have my lamb dish to come home to afterwards. If I'm not drinking alcohol, then I won't be tempted to eat rubbish.

    Have a good Saturday everyone - what's left of it!

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    Sorry to hear Andrew, it's so hard when things outside of your control happen hopefully you can put it down to just a small and explainable blip and get back on track. It's not like you've slipped just for no reason- I think that's a true failure.

    I've been doing quite well and the main thing I miss is milk in decaf breakfast tea. I tend to drink decaf earl grey black but it's just not quite the same! I'm going to give myself another couple of days on Phase 1 and then move to Phase 2 next week. I need to remind myself to post on the forum every day as it really does help to stay motivated and the community on here is great. I am very guilty of 'lurking'!!


    B: 50g porridge with water and an egg white stirred in (which I can't taste!) and topped with 0% Total yoghurt- This means that my 'carb' breakfast has about 10g of protein in which helps keep me full. I find if I just have porridge with water I tend to get hungrier sooner. I'm pretty sure this isn't mixing as there isn't any fat at all in this meal! confirmation would be good
    S: Carrot sticks
    L: Tuna steak (you can get 2 for 3.50 which is cheap for tuna steak in the freezer section at Waitrose and they are just as good as fresh) with green beans and spinach with olive oil.
    D: Plain 5% fat beef mince with green beans cooked in olive oil with a dash of tomato puree mixed in

    Overall i'm really loving it- although I still tend to snack on a carrot between breakfast and lunch this is much better than before and i'm not being too hard on myself. I'm a habitual grazer and struggle to have full meals and end up grazing on non specific foods all day. I also find if I have too many rules, the chance of breaking one becomes a lot more likely and then this leads to guilt etc and all or nothing thinking. So at the moment my main aim is just always sticking to THD friendly foods and not worrying too much about anything else. Then, the satiation and energy I get from eating THD foods will probably lead into less snacking/preoccupation with food but i'm letting that happen naturally rather than forcing everything at once as in the past this has proved unsustainable for me.

    Looking forward to checking in more over the next 30 days and thanks Priscilla for starting the threads. I love reading through everyones tales and it's good to share on a medium that it is so open, honest and friendly .

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    I'm sure your breakfast isn't mixing but if you are on Phase 1 it wouldn't matter anyway.
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    I've done 5 days on phase 1 again now and started the Blitz today as my pack arrived yesterday. I've done another phase 1 day and might continue for a bit before going on to phase 2. I'm not mixing anyway so unless I fancy something on the phase 2 list I might as well continue for a while. Even though I'm running a few days behind I'll post on here if it's ok.

    Today's menu

    B: streaky bacon and 2 eggs
    L: spicy roast veg and quinoa
    D: braising steak and onions with Butternut squash, cabbage and peas

    I've lost 4lb so far so Blitz here I come.


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