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Thread: January Blitz - Day 10

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    Default January Blitz - Day 10

    Here we are, Friday, day 10 - one third of the way through the Blitz. I am happy to be accountable for what I eat, hence writing a daily thread. I read Mat's latest blog with interest about the scales and I fully agree, but that doesn't stop me from weighing. At least I know I do not go off the rails due to the numbers, it is more a scientific exercise.

    Yesterday went well enough. My usual NLY with berries for breakfast.
    Lunch was as I knew couscous with a chicken tagine. It was delicious and I don't regret it.
    Dinner - 2 fried eggs with tomatoes and bacon.
    No snacking, no cappuccino, drank my water and the day was done.

    Very, very busy at work at the moment so no time for seeing what is going on in the forums but I wish everyone well.

    Have a good Friday - till tomorrow. X

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    Well done, Pris, on the no snacking, no cappuccino, and drinking water. Glad you enjoyed your lunch. That made it worth it. I really need to get to bed earlier! It's half past midnight here now (early Friday morning) so I'll see you at the end of this thread once the day is over!
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    Hi all. Firstly well done to all of you for doing so well and keeping the motivation up. I only seem to post when I need help but I do read the forum every day and it's a really supportive tool. So here I am, asking for advice/help. I have previously done phase 1 in november, i was strict during the week and fell off the wagon (in a red wine fashion) each weekend. I did it for 15 days and lost 10lbs (then put it all back on at christmas by literally stuffing my face with everything i wasn't allowed to!). Today, I'm just starting day 9 on phase 1 and have only lost 4.5lbs! I've been really strict, not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips. I"ve only cheated twice (some chips one day because of bad planning, and a teeny bit of chocolate & the cheese tomato and ham off the top of my daughters home made pizza).

    THe things I'm doing differently from last time are:

    1 I haven't been having the carb allowance as its easier for me just to leave it out.
    2 Last time I mainly ate green leafy vegetables, this time I've been including swede & carrot mash
    3 I'm adding butter both to my scrambled eggs AND to my bacon
    4 Last time I had a bit of skimmed milk in my coffees
    5 I am excercising. This is the most confusing - I watched Zoe's video on excercising and it has made me wonder if I should bother! but I'm going to Cape Town in 3 weeks and want to be a bit more toned so am doing kettlebells twice a week and I tried a very short run yesterday.

    ANyone got any thoughts? I've been the same weight for 3 days and need to lose another 10lbs by 10th Feb! I'm focusing on the fact that I have at least lost 4.5 lbs but my resolve is wavering. Help!

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    Hi Welham

    I'm a bit like you, so interested to see any replies!

    Today is only day 5 for me - strict phase 1 with not a drop of alcohol and only lost 2.5lbs. I had been terrible over Christmas and suffered for it with terrible indigestion, so I had hoped for a fantastic phase 1 result - first time I did it early last year I lost 9lbs.

    Going to stick with it though, as I'm starting to feel better already and so, so glad to be rid of the agonising indigestion!

    Rosie x

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    It still amazes me how we still expect our bodies to react a certain way if we tell them to - if losing weight was that easy we would all be twiglets as we would cheat, be strict for a few days and still be size 6's It's also not guaranteed that each time you go back to Phase 1 you will get the same results, even more so if we have still been eating real food but just the wrong things. Remember we all have different tolerances, some people can get away with cheating and some people cannot depending on how messed up their bodies are (speaking as the person who had a handful of pick n mix at a wedding and gained 9lbs lol)

    There are also many other factors that can effect weight loss - the people that see the amazing figures tend to be the people who have a whacking load of water retention due to eating badly for some period of time. In my humble opinion 4.5lbs after cheating in 9 days is miraculous - you have had chips, chocolate and cheese - little bits here and there can be disastrous - its easy to say a wee bit won't harm but it soon builds up especially if you are intolerant to any of them or trying to fight candida - these things are excluded from Phase 1 for a reason.

    Celebrate your loss rather than be upset by it - I would be jumping cartwheels for 4.5lbs The only thing you need to examine and unpick is the cheating rather than looking for elements of the plan that you think may not be working. We are all guilty of overlooking the obvious (I have the t-shirt, matching cap and sweater for that award), try to curb the tiny deviations rather than make other adjustments and I am sure you will be fine Another good trick is to try to look to see if you are being too critical of yourself - what would you tell someone else that was disappointed with a 4.5lb loss?

    Nicola x

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    Thanks Nicola - the chips were only 10 and because of bad planning (6.5 hours without food & then a childrens party full of cake etc so I think i did well!) and the chocolate was literally a shaving & was yesterday evening when i had already plateaued hence my questions about other potential factors. I think you're probably right about water retention being the key factor in the higher weightloss the first time I did phase 1 - I had been eating extremely badly for a good few months before I did it for the first time.

    You are absolutely correct that I should be happy about the 4.5lb weightloss - I know this but being prone to err on the negative side of things, I am not :/
    With the holiday looming I'm really after some advice to maximise the weightloss potential and don't want to be doing anything to hinder it it any way. I should also add that I am committed to this being a 'way of life' rather than a 'holiday fix' but the holiday has been the motivation to get started

    I really appreciate your feedback!

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    The other thing that will make a difference is how near your natural weight you are - what is your current BMI ?
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    my current BMI is 25-26 i think - I'm 5ft 6inches and 11stone 12.25 lbs. I want to get to 11stone by the holiday (ideally) and 10.5 stone eventually.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the impact of excercise?

    on a different note - I just tried this twist on a bolognese (my favourite!) which I saw on this morning a couple of days ago. It's really good, works for THD & the courgette strips in place of pasta work incredibly well. I left out the parmesan cheese, and I manually turned my courgettes/zucchini into strips which took a bit of time but was worth it. I also added a kallo chicken stock cube as I like my bolognese really rich. Persevere & cook it for the full 2-2.5 hours as the last half hour is really important for flavour.

    3 large zucchini
    500 grams minced lamb - 1 brown onion
    1 stick celery
    1 medium Carrot
    2 cloves garlic
    1 can peeled tomatoes
    2 tbsp tomato puree
    1 tbsp ground cumin
    1 cinnamon Stick
    1 bay leaf
    Parmesan cheese to taste
    Salt & pepper to taste

    Large pan
    Knife & chopping board
    Vegetable/spiral slicer
    Glass bowl


    Finely dice the onion, celery and carrot. Peel and bruise the garlic.

    Fry the minced lamb in a large pan on medium high heat, stirring well until cooked through and slightly browned. Remove from pan and keep aside.

    Using the same pan, fry the diced vegetables on medium high heat stirring well. Also add the garlic, 2 tbsp ground cumin, small cinnamon stick and bay leaf.

    Once the vegetables are softened, add the meat and juices back to the pan and mix well. Add a can of peeled tomatoes, and 2 Tbso tomato puree. Fill the empty can with water and add to the sauce as well.

    Bring sauce to a boil, reduce heat and simmer on a low heat for at least two hours

    Slice zucchini 'pasta' with a vegetable slicer (mandolin) or spiral cutter. Place in a glass bowl, season with salt and pepper.

    Microwave zucchini pasta for 2-4 mins until cooked and slightly crunchy – al dente

    Season Bolognese sauce with salt and pepper to taste. Serve on top of zucchini pasta with a drizzle of olive oil and some grated parmesan cheese.

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    Well exercise has the potential to burn fat & build muscle which is one reason why the scales are not a very reliable measure of anything.
    Have you tried taking measurements ? Or trying on your holiday clothes and looking at yourself in the mirror ? After all that is probably what is more important to you than a number on the scales.

    Nice looking recipe btw
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    Hi All
    Progress update for me - I'm on Day 7 and have lost 6lbs which I'm delighted with, but more happy with the fact I'm back to making conscious choices and feeling much better. Cravings have subsided and I'm enjoying the plan again - hope everyone else doing okay, best of luck for the next week!



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