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Thread: NEW TO THE HD... phase 1 complete!

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    Smile NEW TO THE HD... phase 1 complete!

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to post my first thread having just completed Phase 1 over 5 days and have lost 9lbs! moving on to phase 2 today... really unsure what to do differently.. am definitely looking forward to some fruit and a jacket potatoe for lunch but outside of this aiming to keep going as I have started!

    Headaches gone and feel very very good today!

    happy Monday


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    Excellent! well done you and 9lbs is a terrific start. Some of the others will be along shortly I'm sure and they are more eloquent about THD than I. Have you got the book, please refer to that but the most important aspect is no mixing of fat and carbs so if you had rice with meat or fish during P1 then don't do it in P2: No jacket potato with tuna, cheese or butter.

    Be wary of introducing too many foods at once as you may have intolerances that you have not yet worked out so bring only one thing in per week. If you are really missing fruit then introduce berries only as they are low carb and other fruits are essentially sugars and will slow weight loss down. Most people find that introducing dairy is the best to do first as it will give you more variety in your food choices and creamy or cheesy sauces can make your dinner feel luxurious so you won't feel deprived. There is plenty of information on the Forum so have a look and you'll see all the info and advice you need for P2.

    Well done and keep us posted, especially if you are struggling as we all do our best to support each other.


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    Hi Dean welcome to the Harcombe family.

    Well done on your great loss on P1.

    Make sure you read the sticky at the top of P2 lots of great advice from hattie the cattie (aka Kate)

    Main thing is not to introduce more than 1 new food a week and don't introduce anything you're REALLY missed onP1 as this could indicate you still have a craving. If you introduce too much too soon, and your weight stalls or you gain, you won't know which food is responsible!

    Slow and steady does it


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    Well done, what a great start.


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    That is a very good loss well done. I'm on day 7 and have lost 4 pounds and body fat has gone down by 3 percents :-) I've been a low carber on and off for two years and I love it, but it is ultra strict so i am hoping that I can commit to harcombe long term as its more varied with the carb meals and range of veg. I have been lurking this past week and found all the posts very helpful.

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    Great loss. Keep it up. +1 for the advice already given.

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    Great loss Dean! - Keep it up!
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    Well done Dean, you sound very happy - and so you should be. Best of luck for P2

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    Good start Dean - but definitely good advice above, only introduce one thing at a time, and keep away from the things you really want for a little longer yet! (you might find you dont want them so much after all, once your body adjusts a little more )

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    Great start, Dean.
    Remember, that if you do intend to loose a fair amount of weight (2st plus) there is no reason not to stay on phase 1 and holding back on fruit . jacket potatoes etc! I stayed on P1 for a good three weeks and felt fantastic. If you do decide to stay further on P1 - introduce the non-mixing rule, but feel free to increase the carb amounts beyond the regular 100gr
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