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Thread: Latecomber.....:)

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    Well I'm 3.6lb down, perhaps not as much as I would like but still progress - I am premenstrual too! Hopefully it will carry on over the next few weeks.

    B nly
    L omelette and salad
    D chicken curry and veg

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    Hi everyone.

    Well done on your loss Sally, and I'm sure that your weight is being affected by TOTM. I'd love to report a loss like that next week as all I've done is put weight on. Totally down to me I'm afraid to say.

    Sad to say I am reporting a false start and making today officially day 1. Friday and Saturday were insanely busy and I hadn't planned at all well. So here goes.

    B- bacon, olives, cherry tomatoes & boiled egg
    L- beef & lettuce in egg wraps
    D- duck roast with lots of veggies

    Also planning to do a fair bit of cooking today so that I am organised for the coming week. Feeling very tired though.
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    I'm slightly jealous of the roast duck.... need to get one....

    I had a v smal cheat yesterday - we took the children out for tea and cake and while everyone else had hot chocolate and scones or cake, I just had the little pot of clotted cream that went with my sons scone! I only ate about half of it (and it was yum!) but it hasn't triggered any cravings, so just back to p1 now.

    B NLY
    L roast rib of beef, roast parsnips, mixed root mash, greens, gravy
    D - not sure I'm going to need any, havent actually eaten the lunch yet!

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    Hopefully it will turn out ok Sally as I haven't cooked a whole one before!

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    There's a link to the blitz on the 1st post of every thread

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    Doh... so there is edith! I didn't come to it that way, so hadn't twigged!

    Well all good today - I had a small cheat yesterday (did I already tell you that?!) but otherwise no problems.

    B NLY
    L roast rib of beef, roast parnsips, greens, mixed root mash, gravy
    Cheat - small chunk of 100% choc - I'm not worried about this as it doesn't stall me, and i wasn't craving it!
    D - probably not very much, as lunch was at about 2.30! maybe a small snack, an egg or something, later.

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    I've just started too! So we can support each other! Giving up wine is my hardest thing.

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    Hi Littledonner - I'm day 12 now, and going good - although have had to give up NLY as I'm not good with it! I'm on day 2 of no yogurt now!

    meals yesterday;
    B fried off cooked minced lamb and a fried egg
    L shepherds pie with root veg mash
    D 3 chicken thighs
    also had about 15-20g 100% choc

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    Hi littledonner and welcome!

    I'm on day 4 and looking to stay on phase 1 for longer than the 5 days although haven't decided how long yet.

    Meals today

    B- NLY
    L- Pork & Chilli burgers, rocket & 2 poached eggs
    D- Roasted chicken with roasted vege

    Sally how are you finding being without NLY?

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    Hi there. Another late starter on the 30 day blitz. Day 1 today. Let's keep each other on the straight and narrow!

    Have a good day tomorrow



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