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Thread: What's on the BLITZ menu today

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    Default What's on the BLITZ menu today

    Day 1
    B: 2 scrambled eggs (butter only, no milk)
    L: mixed salad
    D: chicken, Mediterranean veg & salad

    Decaf green teas and decaf coffee
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    B: 2 scrambled eggs, courgettes (from the garden) & vine tomato
    L: 1/2 tin salmon, salad and speedy mayo & NLY
    D: Roast lamb, french beans, peas, runner beans & spring greens (veg from the garden)
    Decaf tea and coffee

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    B: NLY
    L: 2 pork chops with 2 fried eggs
    D: Lamb steak with salad - NLY
    Lots of Twinings Mint Humbug tea...
    The sun has helped today!
    Marie x on my way, size 12's here I come...

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    B: oatbran made with just water (bit yeuch)
    L: 1/2 tin tuna, few anchovies and olives. NLY - and a carrot 'cos I was still hungry
    D: Roast salmon fillet with huge plate of ratatouille, NLY.

    Rooibos tea and herbal tea to drink

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    B: NLY
    L: chicken salad with home made mayo
    D: lounge floor picnic with garlic prawns, ham, crudités, olives, artichokes, tomatoes & eggs

    Decaf tea and water to drink

    Mid morning oatcakes

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    We've had:
    B: Omelette with tomato, red onion and pepper
    L: Tuna salad
    D: Piece of steak with greens.
    Well satiated.
    The truth is deafening, no matter how quietly spoken.

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    B: NLY made in the EasiYo with added probiotics
    L: Fishcakes (tuna and mackerel with onion, egg and seasoning)
    T: Tuna salad

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    B: 2 soft boiled eggs + carrot and celery batons.
    L: tinned salmon with salad, olive oil and seasoning.
    D: brown rice and vegetables, NLY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marie Smith View Post
    The sun has helped today!
    I didn't think you read such drivel!!!!!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    B Porridge oats with skimmed milk (apparently we can have it if ok with dairy)
    L mixed salad with a whole tin of tuna mixed in
    D salmon fried in butter with asparagus and mange tout Rodney
    Don't like any of the herbal teas so had ordinary tea this morning with semi I'm afraid but drank water the rest of the day.


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