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Thread: What's on the BLITZ menu today

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    Cas - It was terrible!!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    Funnily enough mat it was the texture that put me off the lambs liver...maybe try chicken next time i think!

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    Don't think I'll ever try pigs liver after that

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    A bit late, but my food diary for yeaterday reads;

    B - scrambled eggs with chilli and red onion, bacon and fresh tomatoes

    L - Home made beef chilli on a bed of savoy cabbage

    D - Home made chicken curry with brown rice

    Drinks - an espresso at about 7.15am to get me going, then 3 litres of water sipped slowly throughout the day. I really fancied a glass of red wine, but resited the temptation ( for the first time in about 3 months on a Friday night!!!)

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    I find lamb's liver texture to be rather like that of steak (well done - which I'm not too keen on, prefer medium rare)

    Chicken liver is more pasty all over but not in the same way Pigs liver is!

    @Cas - run a mile!!!!!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    B: Scrambled egg
    L: Sardine salad
    T: Alaskan pollock with a spicy tomato sauce!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    Today's menu:

    B: 2 eggs fried in beef dripping, Wiltshire ham & 2 small tomatoes
    L: Homemade scotch egg & coleslaw, cherry tomatoes
    S: Lebanese beef koftas buttered spinach & roast veg

    Have a great day everyone.


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    B - Kallo brown rice cereal - dry - a bit dull but I look at is as 'fuel'
    L - Tinned red salmon, roasted veg and some olives
    D - Marinated pork chops and stir -fry veg

    Have a good Day 5 everyone.

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    B: 2 soft boiled eggs, one carrot and stick celery in batons, decaff fresh coffee.
    L: haddock and salad, drizzle of olive oil.
    D: brown rice and veg, NLY.
    Green chai tea, water.

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    B: bacon, eggs and tomatoes
    L: tuna salad
    D: bhuna masala curry and NLY


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