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Thread: Why no dairy?

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    Default Why no dairy?

    Hi Guys if you know you do not have an intolerance to dairy can you include it in phase 1?

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    It has a high lactose content and will feed candida.
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    But if you know you don't have candida, could you use some dairy, eg milk in coffee?

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    Personally I wouldn't start messing about with Zoe's formulas. It's only 5 days. If you can't bear the thought of going without something for a few days it can be a sign of an intolerance.

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    Best not to, just NLY.

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    It does say in the workbook that you can use skimmed milk for porridge if you know you don't have a problem with dairy - so why can't we use it for coffee too? Here's day 2's breakfast for omnivores:

    "DAY 2
    Breakfast: Porridge with 50-75g porridge oats (just pour boiling water on the dry oats, until it’s the consistency you like) - or skimmed milk if you know you’re fine with dairy products."

    And Mamie, the summer blitz is 14 days not 5 - so if I'm allowed to have some dairy I'd be happier, not because I can't bear to go without it, but since I know I'm fine with it, why not? ;-)
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    Just out of interest, how do you know you are fine with it? When I started THD i didn't think for one second I had a problem with any of the things I now realise I have a big problem with. (or that I had candida or hypoglycaemia either! I now know i have all three!)

    Obviously I don't know if you have done a p1 or 2 before and have assessed your response to dairy - whether it causes you to stall, gain weight, cause cravings, heartburn etc etc. Milk doesn't cause me to stall, but it does cause cravings, which then ultimately lead to me stalling/falling off the wagon!

    If you are 100% sure because you have assessed your response,then i suppose you could try it - but perhaps leave it the 5 days of the 'usual' p1 before reintroducing?

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    Heidihi58 - The workbook does state that Phase 1 is only 5 days - look at the summary at the back - it is only Phase 1 where you can't have milk. You could introduce it first on Phase 2 if you need to. It really is worth sticking to P1 rigidly, my cravings all went within these 5 days. Good luck
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    I think if you are that desperate to have it in the coffee - it is probably a craving and needs zapping! You usually crave the foods you are intolerant to so a dairy intolerance would not surprise me in this case!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    Hi Sallywags, I have been doing THD for about a year now, just been cheating a bit too much and need to get back in order! From phase 1 that I've now done twice (not counting this time) I know that dairy was never a problem, it was more a problem with carbs, so I tend to avoid them now. I don't have a lot of dairy anyway, so don't see that it should be a problem to use some in my hot beverages.


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