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    Just wanted to take the opportunity of the summer blitz to share my story.

    Like most people on here I have been a serial dieter all my life. I first did weight watchers in 2001 weighing in at 14.5 (height 5'9") I was quite successful at it but once I got down to about 12 stone and looked alright and clothes fitted I would usually give up and seemed to put on take off that last 7-14lb on a regular basis. I think I must have rejoined ww 6-7 times with a couple slimming worlds along the way. I got to my 'gold' weight of 11 stone once but found it really difficult to maintain and soon had put a bit back on here and there. At my wedding in April 2011 I weighed 12 stone but by the time I got pregnant with my first little girl (Lucy 2 next week) I was at 13 again. I fell pregnant with my second 4 months after she was born and at that point was back up to 14 stone. When Norah was born last august I weighed in at 15 1/2 stone. I cut myself some slack having just had 2 babies but after a little rest and naturally losing a stone of the baby weight I knew it was time to do something a little more proactive and was introduced to the Harcombe diet by my best friend (on the forum as Mitchers).

    I started in November last year and as of this morning I am down to 11.8!!!!

    Highlights for me have been getting through Xmas week and losing a 1lb and going on a 2 week all inclusive holiday in February and losing a 1lb!!

    I have just returned to work after my maternity leave and I love that everyone that I haven't seen for ages tells me how fantastic I look. They can't believe that I lost so much eating the things and how much I eat!!

    Although I haven't posted on the forum before I read the new posts pretty much every day and have to say a big thank you to the users for their thinspiration and ideas and for asking and answering the 'daft' questions that everyone wants to know the answer to (mat, karenfev, sallywags, Hattiethe cattie, cazbah, lindam, kira2767, howie and everyone else who I couldn't remember!!)

    I don't think of this as a diet anymore it's just the way I eat now and will carry on like this (phase 2 with an occasional foray into 3 if necessary) forever. I am interested to see what my natural weight will be but I am not in a hurry to get there as I know it will happen eventually and I will feel fantastic along the way, the weight loss is just a fabulous side effect of feeling amazing.

    Sorry this is a bit long winded but I hope posting this in the summer blitz forum will help to keep everyone going and pay back some of the inspiration I got when first starting out.

    Thank you once again to Zoe and Andy, and all at the Harcombe diet club


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    Wow, that's amazing. Well done and thank you for sharing your story. I can't believe we can eat all this food and cook it in beef dripping and other oils. Food tastes amazing! I bet there jaw dropped when they saw you after all that time and probably a bit of jealousy too. Good on you x

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    Awwww fanks! I think you are amazing to be so motivated with 2 tiny people in the house

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    What a fantastic and inspirational story, thank you so much for sharing it

    I had a boss once who said there was no such thing as a daft question - if you have thought of it, it is valid and worth an answer (but he also said that the answer may be daft!! lol).

    Keep up the good work, your body and your kids with thank you for it.

    And do keep asking questions if you feel you need to, that is what everyone is here for and I just love that we get amazing answers here
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    Awesome story!

    I'm so glad that you've found that it works! Keep up the good work!
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    That's a lovely story and thanks for the kind words.
    A&Z xx
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    What a brilliant story and so motivating!! Thanks for sharing - and keep up the good work!! Now is the time to keep at it and not get complacent (this is what I always do ) - your story is totally inspiring!

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    This is just the best story, and the best thing of all is that it's true. What an inspiration. Thank you. Only on day five so a way to go but weighed 14.7 at the start and am also 5 ft 9 ins and a serial dieter but my little ones are now Dads themselves.

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    Well Done Helenbear, it's time for you to come into the light and become our thinspiration. Lovely story to share and you have done really brilliantly x

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    Thanks for all the lovely replies. It just goes to show what a fantastic supportive community THD is!!


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