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    Crisps. I just can't help myself I love them. I don't buy them very often because I can easily woof the lot down, no matter what flavour, even if its one I'm not that keen on I'll still eat them. Any suggestions welcome to stop me from gorging on them.

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    Don't buy them!

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    +1 for Mat.
    don't have them in your house. If you don't have them, you can't munch them.
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    I know....but with 4 youngsters sometimes needs must

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    I have slowly changed my children's palates, and now only buy plain kettle chips. They are not allowed them every day, maybe 2-3 times a week max in their lunch box.

    however they don't have to have them - could you think of an alternative that you won't pinch?

    I'm fortunate that crisps don't tempt me at all (unless I start on them then I will eat them all!) so it's not really a problem.

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    Know how you feel Lucielle, crisps have been my downfall my whole life I reckon - ready salted always been my favourite, although at one time I too would eat anything! I do now try my very best at events and have mastered having a few Kettle type crisps and stopping - it is so very hard though but I never touch my husbands Walkers now and in fact don't like the taste of them very much so that is a massive achievement for me...


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