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Thread: Can we start ph2 now?

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    Default Can we start ph2 now?

    Are we meant to be doing ph1 for the whole 14 days or can we move on to ph2 now, have been feeling fine throughout and lost 4lbs so....

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    Your decision.
    If you're sure that all your cravings and bloating and candida are sorted then move on. If unsure, stay on Ph1 a bit longer.
    If moving on, make sure you re-introduce foods slowly, and keep a food diary to refer to.
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    When I last did this programme (I refuse to call it a diet as my goal is to feel better not lose weight!), I went from Phase 1 to 2 too quickly and it took me 12 months to re-focus.
    I'm on Day 8 of the blitz and feel much better, calmer, more in control and I seem to be thinking more clearly, and not missing so much what I thought I would miss)
    I'm moving to Phase 2 today and am adding in berries - looking forward to my brekkie of NLY AND berries - yummy.

    Good luck everyone.

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    Thanks Andy. And well done Stephek, the thing I really didn't want to give up strangely was milk in my tea not because I had a craving but just because I enjoyed it but then decided to bite the bullet and ditch it for The Blitz and it wasn't that bad at all, been drinking more water which is good. Also found that if I do drink herbal or fruit tea I don't have it in my usual cup so I don't associate it with milky tea. Weird, but it works! Good luck and good health to you.


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