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    I'm feeling very smug, not only did I clean, The windows inside & out today, with my new toy!! But I refused a glass of red wine from my husband, I drank my summer fruit cordial!! ( not proper stuff) cooked his pasta, but had courgette noodles myself with meatballs & runner beans. Oh & I nearly forgot I lost 5lb on phase 1. Yes the world IS good
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    Hee - Nice one!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    Well done you! Keep up the good work!!

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    Brilliant. Well done.

    I've just come on the forum tonight to post that my husband brought home a key lime pie and 6 massive choc chip cookies for us all. I really wanted a piece of pie and cookies and very nearly crumbled in the face of sugar. But I didn't! It was soooo hard. I've hidden myself away in the bedroom in the hope that I won't cave. It took everything I had just to walk away the first time but I know it will still be there when I go back downstairs and I can't stay here forever!

    Need words of wisdom and snaps for being so good. Quick!

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    Nothing tastes as good as slim feels!!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    You've done it once, you can do it again, say no. Or imagine it with something vile over it. Then imagine eating it with that. Ugh. Sounds horrible, even as I type!


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