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    Default Hungry before lunch!

    Dear all, excited about the blitz tomorrow....some advice would be good. I have breakfast at 6.30 ( porridge with water, I hate eggs sadly!) and then lunch isn't until 1.30. I'm often starving by 11.30 but know I really shouldn't snack and try to stick to 3 meals a day ( I do struggle with this). Any ideas greatly received and good luck everyone!

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    If you are not a vegetarian, cold cuts could be good for brekkie - don't be funneled into thinking conventionally! - Mix it up - have curry for brekkie or another 'dinner' type food!
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    Hi I have porridge for breakfast too and know I will be starving later this morning , however this only lasted a few days last time I started phase 1 and 3 meals a day soon became easier as I felt fuller for longer and stopped having energy dips during the day. If you've only just started I'd bear with it (as long as you are not about to faint) a little bit longer before you start snacking. I also drink a lot of herbal teas like peppermint, fennel etc which I find helps. I sometimes snack if I'm excercising that day and have homemade hummus and carrot or a couple of squares of 90% dark chocolate (Not on phase 1)

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    I have porridge for breakfast when I know that I'll be eating a big lunch, as I know that I'll be hungry by lunchtime.
    If I want to keep satiated through the day, a fat meal of some kind keeps me going for much longer.
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    Thanks all, I think I will stick with the porridge and eat more at lunchtime, I tend to have a massive salad but not so much meat! I think I need to cut back on the greens and add more meat which should hopefully keep me going for longer...thanks for the replies!

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    Porridge for breakfast then salad would leave me chewing the table legs. If you're not a meat lover why not try a bowl of soup before your salad? Or cheese (once you are in phase 2)

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    I have never understood people saying porridge is a good breakfast and fills you up. It always makes me feel hungry and wanting a second breakfast an hour or two later. A protein breakfast, however, makes me feel fuller for a lot longer.

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    porridge for breakfast followed by a salad sounds like a diet to me!!! i'd be starving!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sallywags View Post
    porridge for breakfast followed by a salad sounds like a diet to me!!! i'd be starving!
    Agree with you there.
    Jcapon, try to get out of the 'diet mode' and think the Harcombe way!

    I personally also have porridge for breaky (Flahavans Irish - gorgeous even with water). It normally satisfies me for at least 8 or 9 hours, but I do have about 150gr of it!

    I'd certainly recommend introducing fish for breaky, if you dont like eggs. I tend to have 2 salmon steaks (Alaskan Sockeye are gorgeous!) and Mat's recommendation is very valid - purposely prepare more of your evening meal and have it for breakfast!

    Good luck
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    Thanks, am going to cook up the to and pepper soup later today. Also is it okay to have NLY after lunch and dinner? I also sprinkle with cinnamon and shavings from a coconut block. Is that okay on P1?


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