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Thread: January Blitz 2016 - Day 2 - Getting the right mindset

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    Default January Blitz 2016 - Day 2 - Getting the right mindset

    Hope you all had a good day yesterday.

    Today's topic has been really popular on previous blitzes.

    Do share your suggestions for dealing with diet saboteurs for others to learn from.
    The truth is deafening, no matter how quietly spoken.

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    No-one seems to have posted on day 2....

    going pretty well today, but have had to have lunch really early. will be on early tea too!

    Fortunatley i've not had to deal with saboteurs yet... but have friends coming round on thurday night and it is unheard of to meet with them and not drink lots of fizz and eat buckets of cheese.... hmmmm not got a plan yet!

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    Morning Blitzers!

    I have fought off the post Christmas chocolate feeders at work so far. My NYR this year is to stop spending most of life at work - work late, get hungry, eat crap.
    Now to maintain the mindset .......

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    Im on maternity leave at the moment so not a problem unless I go for afternoon tea with the other mums and I tend to eat beforehand and focus on the tea ��
    I do feel bad though as I gave my dad all our unopened Christmas chocolate and sweets to take in to his work so I think not being a saboteur myself would be a good start but I just hate throwing it in the bin. Does anyone tell people not to buy them chocolate etc at Christmas ? We got a ridiculous amount

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    I think people need to get over ideas about food waste. Yes it's not a good thing, but eating it yourself and making yourself fat and sick is still wasting it - you'd have been better off chucking it in the bin. Giving it away to somebody who wants it and will enjoy it is a very good solution though.

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    Yes I totally agree so I don't know why it's so difficult, I guess just habit but I don't want to be a human dustbin or encourage anyone else to be so I think I need to overcome my fear of throwing things away and drop some subtle hints that I would prefer socks or very very dark chocolate for Christmas ha.

    My boss used to bring in bags of apples to work and in to meetings as he knew I was healthy eating

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    so far so good for me! I'm full of a cold and so don't think I'm that hungry anyway, but I have the right mindset as only day two

    I'm more worried about all the "Booze" we have left over from Christmas (chocolate doesn't bother me, id rather have a glass of wine and cheese) I'm trying to do dry January, its that that I will find the hardest (I sound like an Alki )
    its my daughters Birthday on the 15th so that will be hard not to celebrate with a glass of fizz, oh well fingers crossed I can get through it !

    as for saboteurs, we are going to my sister in laws on Saturday for a post Christmas get together and she asked what we would do food wise, I told her I was being careful and suggested a bowl of soup would be perfect, lookally it went down ok as I didn't want to offend, she said we could stay in and she would make some soup ! great , all ill have to do now is avoid the inevitable bread that will go with it

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    I'm lucky not to have too many saboteurs in my life, though it did take a couple of years with some people!
    Find what works for your body. Don't cheat yourself too often or too much.

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    Day 2and feeling good,I think I am putting pressure on myself by giving up smoking the same time as the doing the blitz but it seems ok uptil now,2 days without the weed and doing well.fingers crossed I can beat this particular monkey��

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    6 months ago I would have said that I had many saboteurs but as Zoe said if you sweetly say no thank you every time and don't cave in they eventually give up. It's got to the point now that many people don't even bother to offer me sweets, chocolate, biscuit and such like they know I wouldn't have them. My greatest saboteur now is my daughter she was my greatest supporter when I was at my biggest but now she doesn't like me dieting. She doesn't agree with this food plan and can't see how it could possibly be healthy. I don't see her much so I do tend to give in to a point just to keep the peace .


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