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Thread: I need your help for a diabetic friend!

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    thanks Andy xxx
    Embraced THD - got a way to go yet, but loving it!

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    Sally this web site has some fantastic videos on diabetes and low carb eating. It's a free resource.

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    As well as books and videos, which may overwhelm him at first. How about including something light and easy he can get to grips with immediately e.g. the Phase 1 allowed food, so it is in his hand and an immediate visual guide and one of Zoe's books, which are not so technical.

    This is going to be a big life changing time for him. Will he have a supportive wife/partner who maybe doing the shopping and meal preparation?
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    Thanx Christine, you just reminded me.
    Zoe's book for men sounds like a winner
    Trust the process, the results will come

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    I will send the harcombe stuff too - he needs to understand the diabetes bit more first i think, but he is motivated and replied to my links yesterday with 'thank you, you might have saved my life' and that he is going to completely overhaul his lifestyle.

    thanks for your help too guys xx
    Embraced THD - got a way to go yet, but loving it!

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    +1 for Zoe's book for men. I have given out about 100 copies of this over the years, and had people come back to me a few months later saying how Zoe has changed their life. Forever!
    Also, I remember that @andy has recommended Dr David Unwin book about diabetes
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    Please let us know how he fairs, Sally.


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