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Thread: A report on the effect of coffee on blood sugar

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    Default A report on the effect of coffee on blood sugar

    Whilst this is not a statistically significant experiment it still made interesting reading (well it did for me anyway!)

    Diet Doctor website provides a lot of good info imho, albeit with a keto background and not necessarily Harcombe, I see them as being part of the same team.
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    It is interesting. Of course, we know that different foods can cause wildly different effects on blood sugar in different people - some can take a chocolate chip cookie relatively unscathed but a banana will send it sky rocketing, and vice versa, perhaps it's a bit the same with coffee. Personally, if I have a banana, I tend to get the shakes almost straight away (so I don't have bananas anymore, obvs).

    What I found last year in South Africa on holiday, where we generally skip lunch, was that if I was starting to feel peckish around 4pm or so, a cup of black coffee would make it go away, which strongly suggests it does not instigate any kind of blood sugar roller coaster - I was happy to last with no food until dinner at 9pm, even if I went to the gym in the afternoon. I had a brief, interesting exchange on this with Mat at the time - Mat had a theory about why this was, I'll see if I can find it.

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    Very interesting!

    I love how non-sensationalist it is - He details his stats and says it is an n=1 and may not be the same for everyone..
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