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    Is there an app for android? I'm trying to respond rather than just lurk on the forum. I use my phone rather than a pic normally. Using the site via chrome on Samsung is fine but sometimes I hit the delete key rather than the update key (on edit). This evokes the sod it mentality and so I give up posting

    Sorry if this has been asked before and equally sorry that this could be fixed by me getting more tech savy. Love the site and love the support

    Thank s

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    At the bottom of the page, on the left, there is a drop-down option for 'style'. If you select 'default mobile style' it will publish the forum in a 'mobile friendly' manner. Beware, it looks completely different to how the forum looks and does take a bit of getting used to.
    Alternaive would be to rotate the mobile to view as landscape, which just makes everything a little it bigger.
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    Thanks Andy,

    I'll give it a go.


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