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Thread: Assessing the Nutrient Intake of a Low Carbohydrate diet.

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    Default Assessing the Nutrient Intake of a Low Carbohydrate diet.

    I am sorry I have got time to read this at the moment, but I wonder if someone else may have five minutes to spare.

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    I just scanned it. Interesting and very positive - thanks for posting.

    It concludes that a High Fat low carb (<130g carb) diet could provide "provide sufficient intakes of all of the micronutrients profiled in the FoodWorks database, apart from iron for females". The iron would have been higher had they included liver also they suggested the bioavailability of Iron would be better on a low carb(grain) diet

    It functioned a bit like Matt's recent experiment of keeping macros and micros for his meals. They created meal plans from unprocessed food (excluding liver) some plans held saturated fat <10% energy intake. They claimed that a similar vegetarian experiment had to used supplemented vitamins to achieve the micro-nutirent rda's.


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