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Thread: Pork belly slices

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    Thank you everyone!

    I bought them because I really wanted a whole piece but knew I didn't have the 2.5 hours cooking time I'd normally give that. And yes Piper, I did do as advised - 45 minutes at 200. Will treat the same as I would a large piece in future.

    Lesson learned - there are no shortcuts in life, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing properly. Should have had a steak!

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    You live and learn MrJDW! It was utterly delicious cooked how Andy recommended. I would have created boot leather if it wasn't for your question. Give it a go!! (I thought it was tastier tgan steak)

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    All this talk of pork belly makes me want some for this Sunday.

    I need to find a good local butcher in our new area and have spotted several possibilities so maybe I should venture out today and see what belly pork availability is like, without going to a supermarket. Of course, I may come home with something totally different.
    Gilli - DLTBGYD

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    I cooked belly pork with fennel seeds last night. Crackling wasn't that great but as I was the only person eating it that was fine. My fat phobic brother and SW cousin tucked in and had seconds! Along with buttered mashed swede, Crême fraiche and full day cheeses to follow.
    When I commented eating like this was how I lost weight my SW cousin said I'm the opposite but nearly everything I served was NOT SW approved. In 4 days on holiday she gained 2 lbs my jeans said I didn't gain. But SW is not restrictive and my way of eating is. Sad really that she is so blinkered as I'm sure her RA would be much better eating our way without all the carbs she has to eat to fill her up.


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