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    Hi, when I tire of egg and bacon and veg for breakfast, can I mix raw oats with NLY, berries and seeds -need roughage . If so in all phases or not!

    Successfully did the P1 BUT only lost 2kg and most of tht must be water. So that was that and while I stuck to good eating I reverted to my Gntís and a red wine with meals. Slowly slipped back into bad habits so need to start again. i find being restricted to water and herbal teas and decaff coffee very restricting. Need to have a nice go to drink when out that complies with this programme.

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    In phase 1, you can mix oats and low fat NLY. The berries can be added in phase 2. Seeds are mixing and best saved for phase 3. But if only a tiny bit you might get away with them in phase 2. You need to find what works for you.
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    As for drinks, I drink carbonated water, with fresh lemon and ginger, a really good decaff coffee bean, and that's largely it. It doesn't feel restrictive to me, it feels like freedom from sugar. And p3 I tend to drink wine. Tonic water, for example, is either laced with sugar or sweeteners.
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    I also found THD restrictive with regards to drinks in the beginning.
    Herbal, fruit and other teas in some fizzy (soda) water does the trick. Now I am so used to doing it this way, I mostly drink coffee and water and nothing else for very long periods. Alcohol is not only full of sugar, it also constricts / stops the hormone burning fat. If you do want wine or any other alcohol, that will be your choice but be aware of this side effect.
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    I am a great believer in a glass of red wine when I feel the urge to drink alcohol. Just be aware that it can trigger cravings for foods that really aren't suitable, no matter what Phase you are on.

    THD has to be sustainable, therefore it has to fit into your life style. If you choose to drink alcohol, try to make the right choice, be aware of the "side effects" and don't feel guilty because you have "cheated" or "fallen off the wagon", but of which can lead to "sod it" moments and a large kebab on the way home...

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    Firstly, I would say 2 kgs in 5 days is pretty good going and a great start. Certainly not s reason to give up.
    Secondly, you only need to start again if you feel any or all of the 3 conditions have returned. Itís the not mixing fats and carbs that shifts the weight which ever phase youíre doing.
    Thirdly, youíve experienced the effects of alcohol. Now itís up to you as to what is more important - losing the weight or having that drink. THD isnít about never having something again but learning how much and how often you can afford to have things without it derailing you.
    Last and by no means least. If you decide to do phase 1 again you need to introduce the no mixing rule from day 1.

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    This is non THD but I drink very weak green tea (Chinese style) as the amount of caffeine is negligible, decaf coffee and water and when I'm out sparkling water with a twist of lemon and lime. Early on in THD I'd highly recommend staying free of wine and certainly gin and tonic should be a very very rare treat. As Sarah said, sugar or nasties are your choice in tonic. Both not recommended.
    Once you're near your target weight/clothes size you can be more relaxed.


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