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    For various reasons, I have been in M&S a couple of times over the weekend, and they seem to have improved their range of THD-friendly-ish salads and meats that might get you out of trouble. I got an Egg and Ham Salad (dressing probably dodgy, but separate), and they have some cheese and salami and other cured meats to 'snack' on, plus the king prawns and dip (again, the dip has sugar, but it beats a sausage roll hands down). With some leafy salad, and some berries to follow, you can create a reasonable takeaway meal. We had ours as a picnic at Avebury, in the sunshine yesterday (OH did have sausage rolls....).

    They aren't perfect, and they can be pricey, but they are a better selection than most supermarkets!

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    If you find a larger branch, there will be king prawns with no dip, as well as cooked salmon fillets, smoked trout and all sorts of other things. Check the ingredients of dressings - some are fine, some aren't. The cheese section often has 30g bars of hard cheeses which are individually wrapped - very handy and portable. Some of them even have cafes in store, where you can get a quarter or a half roast chicken with a choice of sides that include roasted vegetables and Greek salad. They also do packets of crispy bacon rashers, which are genuinely crispy despite being pre-cooked, packaged and refrigerated, and the only ingredients are pork, salt and preservative, the same you'd get in any bacon.

    It really is a bit of a godsend as far as I'm concerned. I go there every day.

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    I actually found no nasties packets of roast chicken in the deli section...often on offer at 3 for 7.
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