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Thread: Plastic surgery: How far would you go in search of a perfect face and body?

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    I'm up for anything that's not too radical or permanent or painful. Like Mamie I am into my pampering these days. I have my eyebrows waxed, I have recently had a tint and lash lift which lasts for 6 weeks, I regularly have gel nails done. If I had more money I would definitely have a brace again as I had my brace late and went to Uni so didn't bother with the retainer at night (new boyfriend and all that) and I have a big overbite which I would love to correct.

    Each to their own. On one level it worries me that so many people are so conscious of how they look particularly when I see young girls or women feeling that way, in my teens and 20's I was all about expression but being polished. I had a 50's dresses phase, I had a goth phase, I had a hippy phase all tassel skirts, DM's and hennaed red hair. It was long and irregularly cut.

    In my 40's with more income and more wrinkles being a bit more groomed feels like looking after myself.

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    oh and even though I am lucky enough not to have any grey hairs in my mid forties I actually have my hair tinted, highlighted etc

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    I also say each onto their own but not for me, thank you. I find it too invasive and I do not like having elected surgery. If I have to have surgery, it has to be compulsory or close to having a life-threatening issue if I do not have it. That being said, I have had my toe-nails fixed...

    I do colour my hair - back to red. It has become dark brown over the years and I liked being a red head. I do this only twice a year. In the summer I go a little lighter and in the winter I go a bit darker. I have seen some grey hairs coming out but not too much. The other day we went out, I decided to put make-up on (I do not wear make-up 99% of the time) and all I could see in the mirror with the make-up on was "old". I could see all the wrinkles in my face that I do not normally see. That was not a good experience. I never thought I would feel like this.
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    I'm pushing 60, and only have a sprinkling of grey. It's genetic - my mum and grandmother were the same, and I'm pretty sure my aunt is too. My grandmother still had some colour at 80!

    I can't wear eye make up - I have yet to find any product that doesn't leave my eyes watering after 15 minutes, sadly.

    If/when I lose the weight I want to, I would like to feel confident enough about my appearance to sit by a pool in a swimsuit (as opposed to quick into the water and under a towel after)!

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    With anything like this, for men, I always ask myself WWCED (What Would Clint Eastwood Do).

    The usual answer I come up with is to grit my teeth, shake my head and wonder why men want to wear makeup and women's clothing... But then I'm a dinosaur...
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    I've never had facials, massages, pedicures etc. I hate the idea of anyone else touching me that way.
    I do wear makeup...lips and eyes...and have done since I was 15 or so. My hair, which is naturally wavy/curly just gets an occasional trim...I help the waves and body along with hair products. It used to be fine but loads of it. Not so much any more...I miss the hair of my youth. I think my eyebrows need help though...they also used to be thick...and NOT the same colour as my hair. They are now grey and wispy.
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    My whole family have “invisible” eyebrows, very thin and fair despite having dark hair. I’ve spent years trying different ways to deal with the problem. Having them micro bladed was money well spent. When it was my birthday I asked for a contribution to paying for them so it wasn’t too bad. It will be 3 years in Nov and i’ve not even needed them “topping up”.
    Microblading is slightly different to just tattooing because they use a tool which is like a little comb of needles rather than just one needle. Looks more like individual hairs.


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