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Thread: Taxing red meat would save many lives, research shows

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    I know this thread is a few days old but I found this on the BMJ site this morning and it sums the situation up so well "Meat products 'reconstituted animal by products wrapped in refined flours cooked in seed oils' confused with and now used to warn anyone from anyone eating traditional air dried meat products." It is part of a longer piece and a worthwhile read. Ref: BMJ 2018;360:k822.
    WARNING: I may be posting more frequently now that my aforementioned broadband woes seem to have been fixed.

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    Glad to hear you have your broadband sorted Brian. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Thanks for the BMJ reference. For those who find they cannot access the BMJ without subscribing or crossing the paywall I found this link when I carried on searching. I hope to read the full article later.

    Thanks again Brian.
    Gilli - DLTBGYD

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    Good news about your internet Brian, I so enjoy your input.
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