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Thread: Raising children

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    I can remember wishing my daughter would fit in more than I had...I didn't want her to be as awkward as I'd always felt. As a youngster, she'd stand back and appear to study her peers. I think I assumed she was shy. She's proved me wrong...being an extremely confident and assertive young woman. I dont think she felt a need to be like everyone else. She rebelled like crazy when we moved 250 miles away. But through a lot of ****, she and I remained close. She first went backpacking on her own straight out of upper school. She also worked in cold-call sales. Things I'd never have contemplated doing at her age.
    I'm glad I never pushed her to be part of a group.
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    Love that song Mat seems to ring true for the high flyers parenting skills.

    And it's not just Mothers who give up work, I had a female colleague who was the breadwinner and husband stayed at home to look after the twins and became involved with the children's school as an aid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoffi coffi View Post
    How old are your two Matt?
    14 and 11
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    Mine always felt left out by her schoolmates - I think the end result is a young woman who can make her own, well researched decisions and who retains a close relationship with both parents. Xxx
    Ditto! Holly is 'boring' by her peers' standards.
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    Very thought provoking. When my boys were very young my marriage broke down and I had no choice but to go to work full time but I had my mum-in-law to help. When the boys started school I had to find a child minder for after school care as Mum didn’t drive and couldn’t collect them. Even so we were a very ‘tight’ little threesome and the boys had boundaries. I remarried when they were in junior school and since then they have had an amazing Dad and both are now in their 40’s, happily married with children of their own and our sons, their wives and all the g’kids are close to us.


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