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Thread: Keto diet may help people with MS

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    Default Keto diet may help people with MS

    What I found interesting was the words "appears to" are used several times. Perhaps because this flies in the face of dietary dogma. Can a ketogenic diet help multiple sclerosis?.
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    When the subject of an all meat diet came up a couple of months back, I read a few interesting blogs on it, and came across a young man who put his MS into remission by eating nothing but sheep, within a 4 hour window, every second day (complete fasts all the rest of the time - not even water). I say sheep because the accompanying photos really were quite gruesome and a far cry from a nice chined lamb rack! It was more like the head which he'd effectively charred on an open fire, and he'd munch through whatever was edible (eyes, brain, cheeks, tongue). Extreme, but if it gets you out of a terrible condition like MS, then you can see where his motivation came from.

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    I can’t see the reason for going so caveman. Surely cooking in a conventional way wouldn’t have made a difference to the meat?

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    Oh I don't think that was integral to the beneficial effects - just that he happens to live in the middle of nowhere on some kind of ranch, so it's a practical option. Dealing with whole sheep in a domestic kitchen is probably messy so if you can do it outside instead, it's probably easier.

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    This is what Terry Wahls recommends it's a form of paleo keto, so no dairy or wheat she also takes out eggs, but lots of animal fats and coconut oil. She also recommends adding seaweed into your diet for the iodine amongst other things. It's quite popular at the moment and I add kelp flakes or dulche flakes to my eggs and vegetables it gives it a Unami hit and is good for you what's not to like?


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