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Thread: The Psychology of changing behaviour . . .

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    I can see in many instances 'improving' behaviour in small increments would work - walking a little bit further every day, or perhaps one more rep in an exercise (if that's your thing!) and yes, I agree in the case of potatoes..they don't trigger any pudding - or further potato cravings for me either. But potato crisps - I know I can't eat "just one" so know not to start. Maybe Chris Kresser isn't really referring to addictions in this article!
    Sue - the first "no thank you" is the easiest

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    Mmm, perhaps not Sue. More significantly to me though, it flags up that we are all different and that what works for one will not necessarily work for another. Zoe's regime is wonderful because it deals with the one size doesn't fit all aspect of diet and psychology and anyone can make it work for them but each person's way of doing it will differ.
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