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Thread: Fibre essential for health?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamie View Post
    There are vast swathes of this country where the growing of crops would be very different/impossible. What would happen to that land without sheep or cattle.
    That nutcase Monbiot would like it all to go to scrub, and re-introduce Lynx and Wolves! True a vegan diet does effect their brains.

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    They are not taking it lightly
    Ah, the voice of reason!
    Trust the process, the results will come

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    I find it amusing that low carb diets are consistently criticized for excluding "whole food groups" (i.e. grains) while no one ever criticizes vegetarian or vegan diets for the same thing.

    Cognitive dissonance: It's an important part of this healthy hi-fiber breakfast!

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    Welcome to the forums! - I have a feeling you'll fit in really well here!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    Love your forum name Hugh Mannity and you are spot on. Its get me mad as well.


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