In todays Guardian.

I've seen guidlines like this before, but what really sends me into full rant mode is the daily meal recommendation...

// Portion size recommendations

*A recommended day includes a breakfast of two wheat biscuits with semi-skimmed milk, followed by a banana and small 150ml glass of orange juice. Lunch is a baked potato about the size of your fist, with tuna mayonnaise made with a medium-sized tin of tuna. A cereal bowl full of mixed salad can also be eaten as part of your midday meal, as well as two tangerines. Dinner is spaghetti bolognese served with the amount of cooked pasta that would fit in two hands cupped together, and three serving spoons or more of broccoli. Dessert can be a small pot of low fat fruit yoghurt. Throughout the day people are advised to snack on fruit, such as an apple, as well as two oatcakes and reduced fat soft cheese. This meal plan equates to seven portions of fruit and vegetables, four portions of starchy foods, two portions of protein and three portions of dairy. //

The dreaded "low fat" crops up in what is also a carb heavy diet.
Have they not learned anything?

And finally...
// The guidance was produced with help from a panel of experts, says the BNF, and funding from major food companies and supermarkets including Waitrose, Tesco and Marks and Spencer. //