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Thread: Women in stressful jobs more likely to gain weight

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    Default Women in stressful jobs more likely to gain weight

    Hi all
    This was in the papers yesterday. Here's the easy read in the Mail.

    Here's a slightly more scientific read.

    And here's the original article.

    3,800 women were followed in Sweden over a 20 year period to examine the relationship between body weight and demands at work and also the level of control that the person felt over their work. The lead researcher was Dr Sofia Klingberg. She was quoted in the science daily article as follows:

    "When it came to the level of demands at work, only the women were affected. We haven't investigated the underlying causes, but it may conceivably be about a combination of job demands and the greater responsibility for the home that women often assume. This may make it difficult to find time to exercise and live a healthy life," Klingberg says.
    There may also be the issue of women having a (generally) more emotional relationship with food than men and thus being more susceptible to reaching for food during periods of work stress.

    The level of control issue also fascinated me when I was an HR Director. You would think that the CEO of an organisation would have the highest stress level, but s/he doesn't. This person has the most control over their job and what they do. People low down often have the least control, but also the fewest demands. It is often the people somewhere in the middle who have the combination of the most demand and least control.

    If you're interested in stress, abdominal fat and cortisol, here's a club article on the connections.

    Very best wishes - Zoe
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    Thanks Zoe.
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    Thanks Zoë- glad I retired and relatively stress free.
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    Very interesting article!
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