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Thread: They really don't give up, do they?

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    Default They really don't give up, do they?

    Yet another report claiming that "giving up whole food groups" is bad for you while telling you to give up whole food groups...

    They're reporting on this study: (Which I believe Zoe has already eviscerated)

    The article goes on to reference this study: Deterioration in carbohydrate metabolism and lipoprotein changes induced by modern, high fat diet in Pima Indians and Caucasians. I've only read the abstract, but dollars to donuts, the "high fat modern diet" is replete with refined carbohydrates -- especially sugar -- and seed oils, while the traditional diet is unrefined and low sugar.

    I'm not sure how they can come up with a "low-carb vegetarian diet" but I bet it involves lots of soy and eating a dozen times a day...

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    Hugh whatever any report says - eating real food just cannot be harmful. I became prediabetic by eating a high carb processed food diet, now I eat real food I'm no longer ptediabetic.
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    A low carb vegetarian diet = starvation.


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