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Thread: Glyphosate Beer

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    Awwww man!!!

    Dammed Monsanto!
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    I guess it will be Bayers problem now. I wonder if Monsanto new they were likely to be exposed to litigation before they sold up?

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    There's a reason I drink Aussie wine rather than Californian

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    Definitely a reason to avoid my californian reds.

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    This is scary, from an article by Dr Axe...
    '...weeds (referred to as “superweeds”) outsmarted the chemical and became resistant, now requiring more and more Roundup to die. So now the Roundup “dosage” and applications rates are on the rise.

    Aside from that, glyphosate is used as a “desiccant” on many non-organic wheat and oat crops. It’s used to “burn down” the crops close to harvest, drying them out quicker and speeding up the time between field and store shelf. The problem with that? Spraying glyphosate on food crops so close to harvest means there’s more glyphosate in the final food product we eat.
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    I live in Jersey and our Environment Minister has okayed the continuing use of glyphosate in the Island Apparently:

    1. foods have been tested and glyphosate is not present in them. I don't believe that, and will fight on.

    2. It doesn't cause cancer. Well, that is an ongoing debate and, as I keep pointing out, disingenuous, as it causes all manner of other health problems anyway.



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