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Thread: This time it's the Independent telling us we'll all die of Afib...

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    Nice analysis of this from Diet Doctor:

    "But the problems with the study don’t stop there. This is the same poor quality of evidence that we point out time and time again. Observational trials can suggest an association, but do not prove causation. The food frequency questionnaires used to record participants’ diets are notoriously inaccurate at capturing what people really eat, and they miss dietary changes that happen after the questionnaire was completed. Last, there are numerous potential confounding variables. Did people decrease their carb intake from very high to slightly high (from more than 60% to less than 40%) because they were obese and wanted to lose weight? Did they have diabetes or hypertension and wanted to improve them?"

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    I think most of the points made here have already been covered but it's good to see others are equally cross about this constant stream of bad science and fake news being perpetually spread by those who should know better.

    Low carb diets may increase risk of atrial fibrillation!

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    A tidal wave of crossness is what we need in order to cast aside the bad science and enable true "evidence based" advice being given. Almost every time I hear the words "evidence based" my reaction is "Yeah right! This is going to be interesting! " a bit like when someone habitually feels the need to use words like "in all honesty" before delivering a whacking lie.
    Gilli - DLTBGYD but more importantly KCHO

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    As an Afib sufferer, I can confirm that attacks are far less likely to happen when I am eating low carb, but happen fairly often after eating processed carbage (thanks for the word Rosemary!) and are almost guaranteed after eating more than a couple of squares of chocolate!!

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    Interesting Vanna! Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Gilli - DLTBGYD but more importantly KCHO


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