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Thread: Who Will Stand Up for Rigorous Science Over Industry Interests and—really?—Religion?

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    Default Who Will Stand Up for Rigorous Science Over Industry Interests and—really?—Religion?

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    Thanks Ted. Yet another example of the damage being done, wilfully, in the arena of public health.
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    That second article contains a fair bit of cognitive dissonance. They start off saying that Big Pharma is a reason why the US needs "Medicare for all" (which won't work the way Medicare is currently structured, but that's a separate issue), then go on to give examples of how the US government is influenced by lobbyists from Big Pharma and Big Ag. Given that sort of endemic corruption, Medicare for All would go on giving us the same bad advice -- now mandated by government fiat -- as before.

    They then go on to say:
    Our system of health care focuses on symptoms rather than causes. A plant-based diet promotes good health, but thanks to Big Ag and Big Pharma our diets are built around meat and dairy products, and then drugs to fix the inevitable problems.

    I'll agree with them on the focus on symptoms rather than causes, but that's been the case with Western medicine for decades, if not centuries. However, when I see people promoting a "plant-based" diet, or really any single diet for everyone, then I stop listening, because "plant-based" is almost always vegetarian, if not vegan. Different people have different dietary needs, any group promoting any dietary regimen (other than "just eat real food") as a solution for the whole planet, whether it's individual or planetary health, has an agenda.


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