The thing is, it is not only cvd you need to worry about with high pressure. I have a vision impairment. On one of my eye examintions, at Plymouth University, the optician noticed that my BP was very high, because the vessels at the back were bulging which could put me in danger of them bursting.

Sure enough when I got home I took it and it was 205/120. It frightened me, and imeediately phoned the surgery. I was already on BP tablets, with an average of 190/95

So I will not leave off the tablets I am afraid.

On the other hand, keeping the pressure down as low as the recomendations these days, is going too far the other way. 123/70 is NOT HIGH! One GP tells me that when she did her training the recomended reading was 160/70 then it ws lowered to 140/70 Now they tell you there is something wrong when its over 130/70

I think that like everything else, we all have individual readings and know our bodies. Or at least those like us who bother to research and find out. The Enlightened Ones ha ha.