There is a worrying article in today's Times, in which they are proposing that algorithms on the web are used to take down posts which deny the efficacy of vaccination. This seems to me to be the thin end of the wedge, and that the next targets will be "cholesterol and statin deniers" those who oppose a "high carb low fat diet" and possibly eventually those who enjoy meat and believe it to be health giving in a way that a vegan diet is not.

I am concerned about the erosion of free speech. We have all been watching the Jordan Peterson debacle in the media where he is declared to be the "darling of the alt-right" and damned for it by people who have not read his works or watched his youtube presentations.

A few weeks ago there was an assault on Zoe, Asseem Malhotra and Malcolm Kendrick accusing them of being "deniers" and comparing them with Dr Wakefield the man who led the campaign against MMR vaccines and whose research has been dismissed as containing falsified results. I do not know enough about Dr Wakefield's research or whether he had any evidence in support of his assertions. I do, however, believe that this is a planned attack on the rights of free speech and that we should all be worried, very worried indeed!!

Today the web platforms take down vaccine related material, tomorrow they take down anti-statin material, next week they prevent forums like this or the keto-dudes from existing?