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Thread: Bet vegans sweep this under the carpet

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    Default Bet vegans sweep this under the carpet

    One is too many a thousand not enough.

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    I read this Rosemary and was just horrified. That poor child will probably never recover... honestly, I think prospective parents should have to pass a test and have an injection or implant or something to become parents not to prevent becoming parents. Child abuse is so very very horrible.
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    I am totally appalled by the whole vegan thing, this poor child will have so many health issues because of this.

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    I worked in the field of child abuse and never came across such an extreme case of malnutrition as this.

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    I saw the report of this in the news here in the UK Rosemary. It is a truly awful thing to happen and I feel enormous pity for all those involved especially the child who as Sue says will live with the consequences forever.

    Responsible vegans (if that is not an oxymoron) will say that this terrible negligence case was as a result of criminal negligence and that a vegan diet can be perfectly healthy. I do not agree with them and believe that the importance of early years nutrition should be taught to teenagers in school as part of the curriculum. However, what the vegans will probably miss is that this, possibly foolish, mother had bought into the "vegan message" and the father did nothing when the baby was failing to thrive.

    As ever there are more questions than answers. These were first time parents, where was the health visitor? Why was the baby not weighed and measured? Did these parents have no friends or relatives with children with whom comparisons could be drawn? Could they not see that their child was not developing normally?
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    I agree Gilli. On the surface, they don’t sound as if they were leading a “normal” life of a young family.

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    All of it is shocking and distressing, but especially the attitude of the father who more or less seems to have attempted to say he just wasn't involved.


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