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Thread: Eating less fat cuts breast cancer risk by one fifth

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    Default Eating less fat cuts breast cancer risk by one fifth

    I bet this doesn't actually stand up to scrutiny.

    This article was in the Times today and when I first read it about an hour and a half ago there were already a lot of good comments from the sceptics.

    It would be good to know what Zoe thinks of the underlying data, but I suspect same old same old - have an hypothesis and try to make the data support it - type of non-science reported as science.

    The "scientific paper" behind the article does seem to assert that this is a randomised controlled trial. I do not think it can be. Unless they put their subjects in purdah and only allowed them to eat specific foods. As the subjects continued their normal lives with the intervention group being "coached" to make some dietary changes and probably to fill in food intake diary sheets I really do not think it should be described as an RCT.
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    I guess they only counted women who already had breast cancer, as the article is about cutting the risk of death not actually getting the disease. In my opinion, the people I know who had a mastectomy are still living (and my mum's was 23 years ago) whereas the only person I knew who died from the disease had a lumpectomy and refused traditional meds as she tried to heal herself with homeopathic remedies.

    Another eye catching headline without substance.


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