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Thread: Eating processed foods leads to weight gain... (Who knew??)

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    I couldn't have taken part either. The thought of eating meals in isolation for 28 days would definitely turn me off!

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    While of course the higher amount of food consumed while consuming processed food is obviously going to impact on weight gain I think there is more than just the extra calories involved in the progression to metabolic syndrome and obesity related disorders.
    If we know what happens to pigs when fed extruded cereals
    we can assume the same happens in kids eating extruded cereals for breakfast and in snacks through the day.
    Spreadbury explained how this happens when industrial processing breaks down the cellular structure of the cells and enables pathogenic bacteria to multiply as never before so the ratio of pathogenic to commensal gut flora gets distorted.
    The Western Diet–Microbiome-Host Interaction and Its Role in Metabolic Disease
    To improve food production practices, we propose a new, governmentally-directed labeling system, where processed foods are labeled by the level of processing, the addition of additives and other substitutions for raw material as well as by the percentage of whole foods present in the finished product. Such a system could facilitate increased taxation on ultra-processed foods. Tax income could subsidize whole and minimally processed foods, to enable these foods to stand out as better alternatives—also in low income populations.
    Can't see it happening in the near future.
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