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    Default Denver conference 2019

    The videos of the conference have been put up on YouTube, including Zoe's talk. This one is Dr Stephen Phinney's talk, but the others are available in the side bar.
    Gilli - DLTBGYD but more importantly KCHO

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    Thanks Gilli!

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    Yes thanks very much Gilli. I've watched a couple:

    The Unwins talk on hope was so lovely. They talked about usining a GRIN protocol to help motivate change in beaviour Goal-rescources-incremental change-notice(feedback) and then discussed the breakdown of starch to sugar hence glycemic index and load and how managing that coudl bring down cholesterol, triglyceride and

    On another tack the second half of Jason Fungs talk was very interesting about how insulin drove the three "symptoms" of pcos - masculine features, poly-cystic ovaries and irregular periods. I'm afraid the first half didn't inspire me - the personal story of Dr. Nadia Pateguana (who seemed to say she was a private nutritionist before she understood diets?)

    I'd love to get any feedback on other talks. I could waste all day watching.



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