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Thread: Alarming prospect fro coffee drinkers

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    Interesting to read that you have solar panels and a Tesla powerwall Kentsydney. I looked into that a while back because it seemed like a really good option, but we don't have the money to invest in works to the house at the moment.

    Can you give me some of your personal experiences with using the system, both positive and negative? Does the Tesla wall hold charge well? Do you ever have overcast days when less electricity is being generated?
    Gilli - DLTBGYD but more importantly KCHO

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    Weíve been very happy with our powerwall and panels. Had panels about two years before the PW.

    In summer we are pretty much self sufficient but in the winter we have a big tree which blocks the panels but if they werenít there weíd still get power.

    The PW stores power no problem and we have a really good app so can see what we are generating What goes to grid what we use . It goes to PW first then anything left over exported to grid.

    In the winter we have set it to charge up over night so we use off peak power at peak times (1/4 of the price)

    This is all automatic too, it seems to know ahead of time whether to charge over night or wait for the sun.

    Itís saved us heaps we reckon 3k a year

    From our app I can see that in 2018;

    We produced 5609kwh solar
    We took from grid 4792 kwh
    Our house used 8776 kwh
    From power wall 3143 kwh

    Itís cheaper for us than using the grid by miles

    Renewables make sense economically but just donít know about climate change beng man made- I am so distrustful of these government backed scientific bodies. I read that climate change was first raised by Margaret thatcher as justification to close the Uk mines. Donít know if this is true? Look I donít know we need a Zoe to go through the evidence

    Peter Corbyn has weather action website and says sun is dominant factor by far -apparently his long range forecasts are used by farmers and major event organisers and have higher accuracy than met office- but donít know
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    Thank you KS for your experience of the panels and powerwall.

    It looks as though good savings can be achieved as well as reducing the amount of fossil fuels burnt for domestic power. Need to also consider the durability and life span of the equipment as well as its start up costs. I will look into it again, for us.
    Gilli - DLTBGYD but more importantly KCHO


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