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Thread: Association of Step Volume and Intensity With All-Cause Mortality in Older Women

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    Default Association of Step Volume and Intensity With All-Cause Mortality in Older Women

    Association of Step Volume and Intensity With All-Cause Mortality in Older Women
    Key Points
    Question Are increased numbers of steps per day associated with lower mortality rates among older women?

    Findings In this cohort study of 16 741 women with a mean age of 72 years, steps per day were measured over 7 days. Women who averaged approximately 4400 steps/d had significantly lower mortality rates during a follow-up of 4.3 years compared with the least active women who took approximately 2700 steps/d; as more steps per day were accrued, mortality rates progressively decreased before leveling at approximately 7500 steps/d.

    Meaning More steps taken per day are associated with lower mortality rates until approximately 7500 steps/d.

    What 10,000 Steps Will Really Get You

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    Thank you Ted, as a woman of the median age it was an interesting read. I aim for a minimum of 6K steps per day and can mostly meet or exceed that target unless we have really foul weather. It was great as few as 4K steps per day saw an improvement.
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    Thank you Ted for an interesting reflection on whether 10k steps is an important measure.

    Whilst engaged with a desk bound job, I had to make some positive effort to get 10k steps each day. When at home, ordinary household chores enable me to clock up over 10k steps each day with ease. During our holiday in Canada I was clocking something between 15k and 25k most days.

    I have long suspected that the ability to walk 10k in a day is more important than actually doing it and that as age and infirmity bite the ability declines. My mother's arthritic knees have caused her to move less and in moving less she is less able to move. The wearable devices provide some evidence of the amount of movement we are actually engaging in, and for that reason I intend to keep wearing my fitbit.
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    ....or do healthier people walk more because they are healthier and feel fitter!
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