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Thread: BBC report explores how insulin could drive down obesity rates

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    Default BBC report explores how insulin could drive down obesity rates

    Wow the Beeb speaking to low carb for diabetes reversal, but of course the PHE spokesman said no change inspite of the current WOE recommended for diabetes isn't working.
    Later on in the BBC radio programme, Dr Alison Tedstone, National Director with responsibility of diet, nutrition and obesity in the obesity in the Health and Wellbeing Directorate of Public Health England (PHE), talked about how current dietary guidelines work and why they are not currently changing them.

    She said that any decisions are “governed by the evidence” and they mainly take into account “robust” and “longer-term studies”.

    However, Dr Tedstone did concede that the government “recognises that it’s not working” which is why the Childhood Obesity Strategy and the sugar tax on drinks have been introduced.

    She concluded: “We need to go beyond information and education. We need to think of the structural drivers of diet.”
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    What proof do the PHE need. Its so frustrating.


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