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Thread: Low-carb diet may reduce diabetes risk independent of weight loss

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    Default Low-carb diet may reduce diabetes risk independent of weight loss

    This paper seems to say that the metabolic benefits of a low carb diet are not caused by any weightloss associated with such a way of eating but independent of it.

    I apologise if this has already been posted elsewhere.

    The research team, led by research scientist Parker Hyde, ensured that the participants would not lose weight by providing them with pre-prepared meals that contained an amount of calories equal to their energy expenditure.
    This gave me some pause for thought, because I am not convinced that you can prevent the "guinea pigs" from losing weight by providing them with prepared meals that contain a calorie load equal to their calorie expenditure. If you come from the Zoe Harcombe school of thought you may well believe that calories are not an important measure in determining weightloss.
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    I wonder if it was actually low carb. Many of these 'low carb' studies still seem to put people on 120g carb a day or even more.

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    Even if you subscribe to the calories in v calories our school of thought, I'd have thought it very difficult to work out exactly how many calories someone was using. I also agree with MrJDW that their idea of low carb probably isn't the same as ours and probably doesn't take into account the mixing theory.

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    Thank you Ted for the full text.

    I see that two of the contributors are doctors Phinney & Volek. (They are two of "the good guys" for sure)

    LC was defined as 6% carbs by caloric value;
    MC was defined as 32% carbs ditto; and
    HC was defined as 57% carbs ditto.

    Fat was adjusted proportionately:
    so that LC was 74% fat by caloric value;
    MC involved 48% fat ditto; and
    HC involved 23% fat ditto.

    I think we can be satisfied that they actually used a Low Carb diet in this experiment. Obviously the numbers of subject is on the small side, but this may lead to more trials with better funding.
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