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    Hi all
    Some of you may have seen the trailer for the new James Cameron film. I've not seen it yet - I've seen the trailer and it raised a lot of questions. Djokovic is on the credits but he's not vegan anymore. His coach refused to work with him unless he stopped being vegan...

    I've not looked at this yet - but Shawn Baker has watched it so we don't have to! Lol! Link to his video on it below:

    Prof Noakes simply doesn't believe it. His view was - we thought Lance Armstrong had won the tour de France many times clean and we were wrong - there is no evidence in the sports medicine literature that being vegan produces any advantage, so he doesn't believe this film either.

    Chris Kresser has been in comms with me and Nina Teicholz - he's going on Joe Rogan to debate it soon.

    Bye for now - Zoe & Andy at a conference in San Diego!
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    Thanks for the link Zoe.
    Gilli - DLTBGYD but more importantly KCHO

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    Very interesting to read. I met Prof Noakes in South Africa when I first started at looking at alternative ways of eating

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    This is the film that has convinced my brother in law to try veganism for 30 day

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    Just watched it. Focuses a lot on protein from plants. Mentions there are studies for this and that but not what the studies are. Funny to see Arnie talk about how meat producers use clever marketing while he’s in the middle of the same for veganism.

    Only sports person I knew mentioned in it was UFC guy Nate Diaz. As far a I know he eats eggs and fish (could be wrong there) but also they manipulated interviews where McGregor mentioned eating 2 steaks a day hurt him. He was referring to the fight being at a higher weight 9 days out and how he didn’t train properly and ate too much cause he wasn’t worried about weight. They also used an analogy of “lion vs gazelle” to say he taunted Diaz about his diet but I don’t think he was referring to his diet, rather the higher order of things.

    Another thing was the main guy went to tell his coach of years about plant based and found out he’d been doing it for 10 years already. Does that sound anyway believable? Athlete’s coach doesn’t discuss nutrition with him? Give me a break.

    No mention was made of any supplements these guys and girls were on and why they needed them. Only things mentioned were Vitamin C not being in meat and B12 and how all diets need supplements for that.

    Slick production and I am sure the millions put into it will convince people to try plant based


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