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Thread: Bariatric surgeon works it out!

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    Default Bariatric surgeon works it out!

    Hi all
    I've spotted a few book reviews in January for a book by Andrew Jenkinson - a bariatric surgeon. Here's an article on the book.

    His views include:
    - The concept of a natural weight,
    - Don't count calories,
    - Cut sugar and refined carbs,
    - Eat healthy meals 2 or times a day - no snacking,
    - It's about insulin and hormones,
    - Short term calorie counting leads to weight loss and then rebound,
    - Fat doesn't make you fat,
    - Cook with butter or olive oil...

    Sounds rather familiar! ;-)

    Great to have another voice going against the mainstream.

    Very best wishes - Zoe
    "Those who are enlightened before the others are condemned to pursue that light in spite of others." Christopher Columbus ("1492")

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    Have you been having pillow talk with Andrew, or maybe he has read your books and your concept/s gave him a light bulb moment which he grabbed with both hands and turned into his own.

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    Finally! Only about 15 years behind Zoe...
    Sue - the first "no thank you" is the easiest

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2nd_Alto View Post
    Finally! Only about 15 years behind Zoe...
    More like 150 years.


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