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Thread: Does insulin drive arthritis?

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    Default Does insulin drive arthritis?

    Towards the end of this YouTube presentation by Doctor Shawn Baker he touches on a subject close to my heart, or at least my joints. I have found that keeping off grains ensures my arthritis is kept under control and I am pain free but this seems to be a new bit of research.

    Does anyone else here get joint pain/arthritic flare ups? Are you controlling it with diet? What have you cut out?
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    I have arthritis and tbh I haven't noticed any difference related to diet. I rarely eat grains even when eating off plan, but low carb and Keto don't seem to make a difference either. Unless I'd be even worse eating grains!
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    Interesting catlover.

    Shawn Baker is, of course, recommending his MeatRXdotcom carnivore website programme.

    I dabbled with carnivore last summer but did not last the course. I am contemplating diving into the carnivore pond again. I have some psoriasis at the moment and my hip is still not fully recovered from my slip in the snow 23 months ago. My toe which I broke in August 2019 is still sore and on that same foot the bunyon is worse than on the other and becoming more so. I spend a lot of time walking with Bramble the dog at the moment and would like to feel less achy.

    Carnivore is calling but not sure it is doing so loudly enough at the moment. I might go and sort through the freezer and see how many meals I could produce without having to buy anything else. That might provide a baseline.
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    This video is quite interesting if you are interested in zero carb / carnivore and why people find it hard to do.
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    I've been reading a LOT about carnivore lately. I know carbs, primarily grains, affect me. When I was working...ok, I was on my feet 6-7+ hours straight which didn't help...I was constantly tempted and giving in to unbearable cravings. And the junk to "satisfy" those cravings was there for the taking. I can't tell you how many times I gave in and ate cake or shoved biscuits in my mouth...lots. These binges were always, predictably, followed by stiffness and discomfort. The last few months left me feeling like I wanted to disown my poor aching limbs.

    So now, I'm finally getting back to feeling more's only taken 2 months. My diet includes very little in the way of carbs/vegetable matter...except very dark chocolate and avocados. Maybe a few tomatoes, or cauli rice. Though I've noticed that leaves me feeling uncomfortable. Everything else I eat is from the animal kingdom.
    So, carnivore has become something to study. But not the beef/salt/water extreme, but rather focusing on all animal foods plus seasonings.

    I'll watch your second video a bit later.
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    Interesting GW. Good that the comfort has returned two months into retirement.

    I have found myself eating veg less and less often over the past year. I have a promising veg patch here - although heavy clay soil unlike my wonderful loam in Yorkshire. The molluscs had most of my crops last year, but actually I might be better keeping chickens on it than growing veg. [I suspect OH would not approve of adding chickens to the menagerie]. We could eat eggs and the hens could eat the snails and creepy crawlies.

    Pondering the possibilities of carnivore. Mikhaila Peterson said she recommended trying it for 6 weeks. I could not get a run of 6 weeks last July when I contemplated it before and it fell by the wayside. Need to pick a good window and run with it . . .
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    I don’t know if I could manage (or even want to) eat just meat and water although I do find I eat less veg than I used to. I would find that difficult to fit in with family and social life.

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    Thanks for the video certainly "food for thought".
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